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Developing a strategy for an ageing population

NZNO seeks your feedback on the issues concerning the aging nursing workforce and the aging population. 40% of registered nurses are now aged fifty or over. At 2038 there will be 1.3 million New Zealanders over 65.

Key issues include:

  • Housing & Home ownership (the next generation of seniors will be less likely to own their own home – 69% in 2013).
  • Technology (Most Kiwis are online, but half of people over 85 don’t use the internet at all).
  • Increasing diversity (Māori population aged 65+ will increase 250% to 126,000 people).
  • Transport (Demand for safe and accessible transport options will increase).

Please find the discussion document and other resources at:

Send feedback to by 17 August 2018.

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