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Therapeutic Products Regulatory Scheme - HIGH IMPORTANCE

NZNO seeks your feedback on a new scheme for the regulation of medicines. The proposed Therapeutic Products Bill will replace the Medicines Act 1981. It will cover all therapeutic products and medical devices, and controls on clinical trials, product approvals, and prescribing procedures. NZNO welcomes the proposed alignment of medicines with health practitioner regulation. We anticipate this will remove outdated legislative barriers to nursing, reduce the use of standing orders, and lead to a more effective use of the health workforce.

The consultation document accompanying the draft Bill sets out clearly how the scheme will work in practice. Chapter C details what the new scheme would mean for different sectors and health practitioner groups eg C8 (p.116) describes ‘controlled activities’ such as prescribing, issuing standing orders. (Note that it is proposed to remove the category of delegated prescribers.)

These proposed, and long awaited changes to medicines regulation are of SINGULAR IMPORTANCE to the profession and practise of nurses, midwives and allied health workers. We strongly urge all NZNO members and member groups to read and discuss the proposed scheme carefully and provide feedback.

(Note that low-risk natural health products, including rongoā Māori and dietary supplements will be regulated separately. For more information see the Ministry of Health Natural health products page).

Please send feedback to by 31 March 2019.