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Updated Code of Ethics

The NZMA is undertaking an internal review of their Code of Ethics which was last changed in 2014. NZNO is seeking your feedback on this updated Code.

Please note that changes to the Code arising from this review are minor, with most recommendations in the 2014 Code unchanged. To help your review the main changes are detailed below:

  • The preliminary statement has been expanded to elaborate on professional autonomy and clinical independence, and update wording relating to working in collaborative groups.
  • The principle about respecting the rights, autonomy and freedom of choice of the patient now also includes respecting the relationships of the patient (principle #2)
  • The principle on avoiding exploiting the patient has been expanded to include the need to develop a relationship of trust (principle #3)
  • The Treaty of Waitangi has been added to recommendation #25 in the section on responsibilities to the patient
  • A new clause has been added to the section on professional responsibilities relating to doctors treating themselves or members of their families (recommendation #34)
  • Two new recommendations have been added to the section on research. Recommendation #51 addresses research involving people who are incapable of giving consent while recommendation #52 addresses research involving biobanks or similar repositories.
  • The WMA Declaration of Geneva has been added to the end of the Code.

The updated 2019 Code, as well as the 2014 Code with amendments shown as track changes are attached.

Please send feedback to by 5 April 2019

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