Draft Ethical Framework for Resource Allocation in Times of Scarcity

NZNO welcomes your feedback on this draft document which provides ethical values to guide actions during a pandemic. This Framework is part of the NEAC planned review of their 2007 document 'Getting Through Together: Ethical Values for a Pandemic'.

The Framework is a high-level guidance document that helps health workers and policy makers consider ethics when allocating resources for COVID-19. It also aims to help decision-makers to identify the ethical tensions and recommends the establishment of decision-making groups to work through the tensions and uphold transparency of decisions.

The framework includes Te Tiriti principles and equity as a core principle. It sets out four essential ethical principles and four Te Tiriti principles that medical staff, service planners and policy analysts should consider when responding to pandemics.  Equity as a concept recognises different people have different levels of advantage, therefore require different approaches and resources to get equitable health outcomes.

There is an optional question in this consultation that asks for your views on what ethical issues should be covered in the update.

Final draft NEAC framework:

Please send feedback to by 3 July 2020.

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