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Proposed Guidelines for the Posthumous Use of Gametes, Reproductive Tissue and Stored Embryos

NZNO warmly invites your feedback on draft guidelines for the use of gametes and reproductive tissue from deceased people and already stored embryos from the now deceased. These guidelines are proposed to replace Guidelines for the Storage, Use, and Disposal of Sperm from a Deceased Man (released in 2000).

Feedback from a 2018 public consultation (Phase One) has informed the development of the new document. It incorporates technical and sociological changes, including taking into account stored embryos, reproductive tissue (from ovaries and testes) and all gametes.

The draft guidelines are attached for your review. You are welcome to provide your feedback in an email or use ACART’s feedback form (also attached) to send us your feedback. We will incorporate your feedback into the NZNO response. 

Please send feedback to by 2 September 2020.

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