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MOH - Draft Tumour Standards


The Ministry of Health is seeking feedback on draft tumour standards which are being developed as part of the Faster Cancer Treatment programme

What are tumour standards?
The tumour standard documents describe the components of care that a patient with the specific tumour type should receive. Draft tumour standards have been developed for the following tumour types.

·        Bowel

·        Breast (available soon)

·        Gynaecological

·        Head and neck, including thyroid

·        Myeloma and lymphoma

·        Melanoma

·        Sarcoma

·        Upper gastro-intestinal

The tumour standards:

  • are patient focused
  • are not clinical guidelines or treatment protocols have some information that is similar across the tumour standard documents
  • are in draft form and final versions will be developed after feedback has been considered.

The documents are available  here.

The Ministry is only accepting electronic feedback.  Both NZNO and our  Cancer Nurses Section will be making a submission.

Feedback to Policy Analyst, or by ringing (04) 494 6389 by May 15

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NZMA Code of Ethics Consultation

The New Zealand Medical Association is reviewing their Code of Ethics which has been through a rigorous internal review process guided by the NZMA’s Ethics Committee. The NZMA are now seeking feedback on the revised draft Code.

Please note that changes to the Code of Ethics arising from the internal review are relatively minor, with most recommendations in the 2008 Code unchanged. To help your review, all changes arising from the update are highlighted in yellow in the draft and are also summarised below:

  • A new recommendation on when it is appropriate to access patient data has been added (#4)
  • Further emphasis has been given to the importance of data security (#6)
  • A new recommendation relating to remote consultation has been added (#23)
  • A new recommendation about personal conduct and professional responsibility has been added (#32)
  • A new recommendation about the use of social media has been added (#46)
  • A new heading ‘Doctors in a Just and Caring Society’ has been added, with several relevant recommendations shifted here from other headings. New recommendations pertaining to equity (#71) and advocacy (#72) have been added under this section.
  • The former heading ‘Medical Responsibilities in Prioritising Care’ has been deleted, with the relevant clauses moved elsewhere in the Code.

Feedback Due: 28 March 2013 to Jill Clendon

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PHARMAC Proposal relating to the funding of certain pharmaceuticals in DHB hospitals and in the community

Proposal relating to the funding of certain pharmaceuticals in DHB hospitals and in the community -

PHARMAC is seeking feedback on a proposal relating to the establishment of a nationally-consistent list of pharmaceuticals to be funded within DHB hospitals. This list would be published in Part II of Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 July 2013. As a related issue, it is also seeking feedback on changes to the funding of some pharmaceuticals in the community: de-listings and changes to subsidy criteria, as a flow-on effect of this proposal.

This consultation refers to the creation of the final six therapeutic groups within Section H:

  • Blood and Blood-Forming Organs (haematology, intravenous fluids, vitamins and minerals)
  • Extemporaneous Compounds (suspending agents, solvents and active ingredients in powder form)
  • Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants (oncology, haematology, transplant medicine)
  • Special Foods (oral and enteral nutrition)
  • Vaccines
  • Various (antidotes, diagnostic agents, surgical preparations)

While these headings primarily relate to pharmaceuticals that are used for the purposes indicated above, this is not always the case.

Link to consultation document:

FEEDBACK DUE: 19 March 2013 to Policy Analyst:

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Consultation on two proposals for Registered Nurse Prescribing

The Nursing Council of New Zealand is consulting on two proposals to extend registered nurse prescribing and has been invited to make these applications by the Minister of Health.  The two proposals focus on community nurse prescribing and specialist nurse prescribing.

Reasons for extending nurse prescribing include:

  • improving patient care without compromising patient safety;
  • making it easier for patients to obtain the medicines they need;
  • increasing patient choice in accessing medicines; and
  • making better use of the skills of health professionals.

The Council has developed these proposals after considering the best way nurse prescribing can contribute to the health of New Zealanders and

  • improve access for those groups who find it difficult to access services currently e.g. lower socioeconomic, children, youth, Māori, Pacific peoples. 
  • meet future health needs and the roles that nurses will be increasingly required to undertake to meet the health needs of New Zealanders with lifestyle and chronic diseases. 

To view/download the consultation document click the link below:

FEEDBACK DUE: April 12, 2013 to Hilary Graham-Smith,

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Options for the future – NZNO’s annual general meeting, conference and regional conventions

January 2013


The Board of Directors and NZNO staff have been working on a paper on options for the annual general meeting and conference for 2013 and beyond inclusive of reviewing the purpose of the conference day.  The rationale for this action along with the suggested options are contained within the attached consultation document.

Feedback deadline is 17th March 2013

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NZNO Education Policy draft

NZNO is committed to the representation of members and the promotion of nursing and midwifery. NZNO provides professional leadership and advice in a range of areas. 

The first draft of the NZNO education policy document was consulted on in May 2012, and the second in October 2012. NZNO would like to thank all those who have provided feedback on the document to date. This is the third and final draft of the education policy framework. A number of areas have been strengthened for the final draft based on the feedback received. In particular the following sections have been added to or amended and those providing feedback may wish to concentrate on these areas:

  • Purpose
  • Education context
  • Academic staff
  • Fewer curricula
  • Curricula content

The document is also available on the NZNO website and a discussion forum has been established to promote feedback and discussion.

The forum is available here, and we will be discussing the amended sections on the website over the next few weeks. We encourage you to use the forum and look forward to a lively and informative discussion developing.

Feedback is also welcome through the usual email route by 8 March 2013 to

Enquiries to:

Jill Clendon
Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher

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Medsafe and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) discussion document - joint regulatory scheme for therapeutic products under ANZTPA

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Medsafe are seeking comments and input from interested parties on a discussion paper setting out the high level features of a possible framework for regulation of therapeutic products within the ANZTPA-a joint scheme to regulate therapeutic products in Australia and New Zealand.  The draft discussion document focuses on the manufacture and approval of medicines, medical devices and blood & blood components biological.

Consultation document in PDF - 372kb

Consultation document in Word - 115kb

NZNO will be making a submission if you wish to provide feedback please send it to Leanne Manson Policy Advisor;

Feedback Due: 15 February 2013

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Draft smoke free position statement

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) has developed a smoke free position statement to provide a clear statement of NZNO’s commitment and to provide members with information on working in a Smokefree workplace or environment.

We welcome your feedback on this document, please forward your feedback or any queries to Leanne Manson,

Feedback Due: 28 February 2013.

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Expanded Practice for Anaesthetic Technicians

The Medical Sciences Council has developed a draft policy on Expanded Practice for Anaesthetic Technicians which is open for discussion and available here. The brief consultation document covers a definition, principles, pre-requisites, activities, standards for ATs to perform PICC line insertion and to work  PACU and an evaluation framework for deciding if an expanded practice activity is appropriate.

NZNO will be making a submission - Feedback should be sent to NZNO policy analyst

You may also wish to give feedback directly to MSCNZ  in the online questionnaire. Click here to take survey 

Feedback Due: Friday, 1st February 2013.

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Proposal to fund unapproved pharmaceutical treatments for various conditions

Proposal to fund unapproved pharmaceutical treatments for various conditions

In a departure from normal practice, PHARMAC has entered into a provisional agreement for the funding and supply of 11 pharmaceuticals that have not been approved/registered by Medsafe, but which have been identified as important to treat conditions for which there are no registered products. Though some are already funded on Schedule 11, this proposal will provide access to funded medications for conditions such as gout, TB, helicobacter pylori, cryptosporidium infection etc. many of which disproportionally affect vulnerable people, and for some rare conditions.

Feedback due: Monday, 28 January 2013 to policy analyst, Marilyn Head Ph 04 494 6372

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Proposed changes to the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003 (Cost of Treatment Regulations)

Five changes are proposed to the Cost of Treatment Regulations which are:

  • increasing the  general practitioner and combined general practitioner/nurse rates for under-six year olds by $5 (including GST) per visit
  • rationalising and updating the dental rates
  • increasing the general consultation rates by 1.9% as a result of the annual price review for most other treatment providers
  • changing the name of the Cost of Treatment Regulations
  • reinstating two items related to counsellors’ costs in the Schedule to the Regulations.

You may access the consultation document at

Your opinion is sought on the proposed regulation changes. If you would like to have your views taken into consideration, please respond on the submission form available at the above web address. If you need additional pages, please add them to the form clearly stating which proposed change you are giving feedback on.

Feedback Due: 25 January 2013 to

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PHARMAC and Hospital Medical Devices: Obtaining Clinical Input

PHARMAC is seeking input on clinical matters from all users of medical devices in the clinical setting following Cabinet approval of the plan for PHARMAC to assume responsibility for the standardisation, prioritisation and procurement of medical devices. In addition to opportunities for face to face discussion, PHARMAC has developed a list of questions to help identify the best ways of working with clinicians and the sorts of information they need to consider to ensure sensible funding decisions for medical devices (including consumables).

The consultation document and questions are available here and NZNO strongly encourages all members and member groups to give this their full consideration to ensure this initiative achieves the objective of improving the cost-effectiveness of public spending to generate savings for re-investment into health. Education, use and management of medical devices is integral to nursing practice, and this is an opportunity to help develop sensible efficient, and fair systems for the purchase and management of medical devices in public hospitals.

Feedback Due: 1st March 2013

Feedback should be directed to Policy Analyst Marilyn Head -  Ph 04 494 6372


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