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Skills and Competency Framework

COASTN Education Policy

Strategic Plan for the NZNO Flight Nurses' New Zealand 2011-2016

Standards of Practice for Flight Nursing in New Zealand

Any queries please contact:

Anju Sethi
College Secretary

Air Ambulance/Air Search and Rescue Service Standards

  • Currently under review

Any queries please contact:

Diane Fuller
COASTN Flight Course Co-ordinator

Rules of the NZNO College of Air & Surface Transport Nurses

Any queries or additional copies of the rules can be obtained by contacting:

Diane Fuller
COASTN Flight Course Co-ordinator

Interhospital Transfer of Neonatal Infants

Interhospital Transfer of Neonatal Infants - Starship Hospital - Click here


COASTN Aeromedical Retrieval Course 2018

Course information 2018

Application form nurses

Application form paramedics


Selection Criteria

To All Applicants

EPPC Flight Course

COASTN are pleased to provide a template Emergency Procedures Proficiency Certificate (EPPC) for the flight course.


Postgraduate Qualifications in Aeromedical Retrieval and Transport, Otago Wellington

Course flyer (PDF)

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