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Urgent Care Nurses Network’s Purpose

The Urgent Care Nurses Network’s purpose is to support urgent care nurses with:

  • education
  • practise standards and resources
  • liaison with external providers
  • industry research and
  • advocacy.

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Urgent Care Nurses Network Survey

The NZCPHCN recognizes that UC is a specialty of nursing, and as such there are specific knowledge and skills required for career progression of UC nursing. These knowledge and skills are in addition to the Primary Health Care Nursing Standards of Practice 2019 which is a requirement of all PHC nurses.

When we look at Emergency Nursing, it is widely accepted that within your orientation into an Emergency Department (ED) you will complete a certain list of skills and obtain certain knowledge supported with education packs and online learning. Within two years of practice within an ED, you are expected to add additional courses and move to areas of higher equity, such as triage. This system also means that if an experienced nurse transfers from one ED to another the credentialing process is seamless.

This is the type of framework that needs to be implemented in UC. Thank you for your participation in this survey. The results will build the framework once we know what the industry needs, and we can build the courses and provide support to clinics with educational tools and credentialing documents.

Shell Piercy Founder and Facilitator of the UCNN is conducting industry research in the form of a survey and asking ‘what knowledge and skills are expected of a highly trained and experienced Urgent Care (UC) Nurse?’

We will ask

  • nurses at all levels with an interest in UC
  • those currently working in UC
  • those who have previously worked in UC
  • Practice Managers
  • medical colleagues at all levels of fellowship and
  • General Practitioners

Click here to complete the anonymous survey.

This information will build an educational framework that will support UC nurses to meet the

  • industry needs
  • build a nationally recognized progression pathway for UC nurses
  • assist clinics with credentialing nurses
  • improving patient safety and outcomes and
  • improving patient flow.

This survey has been through the Health and Disability Commissioner’s ethical approval process and is exempt from needing ethical approval.

It consists of

  • basic demographic data
  • a Likert scale to determine how important each skill or area of knowledge is, and
  • free text boxes for anything you would like to contribute.

Thank you again for helping us to help you improve patient outcomes and build a strong nursing presence in UC.

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Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care - Urgent Care Standard 2015

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