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The Benefits of Joining NZNO

What does joining NZNO really mean, both for you and for nursing in New Zealand?

We think there are lots of benefits and we can talk about them on three levels.

1. Collective power for good

By joining NZNO you become part of something bigger and more powerful that works because of the collective will and purpose of its members

Together we uplift the health and wellbeing of Aotearoa.

Our members have a shared vision of healthy communities and good health outcomes. So we come together as a 53,000+ strong nursing voice to advocate for our patients, our health care system and our profession. Together we ensure the nursing voice is heard when decisions that impact on health are made. From legislation to policy and standards we actively advocate for enhanced patient care and workforce wellbeing.

Together we advance the profession.

We work together to advocate for the profession. We know the nursing team is the foundation of good health. So together we champion, advocate and promote nursing in policy, funding, workforce planning and models of care. We do this from a local workplace level right up to a national level. When we speak up together we can be heard.

Together we ensure fairness at work.

We believe in fairness at work. So we strive together to be the voice of fairness and justice wherever nurses, midwives and caregivers are employed. When we work together we can ensure everyone has a healthy, safe and fair workplace. When we work together we can also ensure everyone’s contributions are fairly and equitably recognised at work with good pay and conditions.

2. Services including professional development, workplace protection and more

As the largest professional health advocacy body in New Zealand, NZNO has the size and resources to bring its members a range of services:

  • more than 120 staff and offices across the country working with and for you
  • trained organisers and delegates on the ground and in your workplace
  • professional, industrial and legal services when you need them
  • professional indemnity insurance underwritten by QBE
  • negotiation of around 130 collective agreements across the professions
  • strong alliances with leading nursing bodies both locally and internationally
  • student support and help for those new to the profession
  • a member support centre
  • colleges and sections to help bring evidence-based support for you in your area of practice
  • established and robust democratic structures
  • scholarships and a hardship fund
  • lobbying and advocacy on local and national legislative programmes that affect nursing.

3. Sundry benefits

In addition to those mentioned above, NZNO offers a range of other tangible benefits. We've harnessed the collective buying power of our members to negotiate some special deals for you.

Find out more and take up these offers on our Member Benefits page.