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NZNO/DHB Pay Equity

The NZNO/DHB Pay Equity process is underway. Associate Industrial Services Manager Glenda Alexander is the NZNO Pay Equity Project Lead along with Lesley Harry who is the NZNO DHB Sector Industrial Advisor.

A shared project plan is being developed that will include details of the process, who is involved, communications, education, how decisions will be made and so on.

The next meeting of the joint NZNO/DHB Pay Equity group will be held in early February 2019.

At that meeting we will:

  • finalise the terms of reference
  • discuss the scope of the claim
  • identify the occupational groups and how others (members) will be involved
  • identify required resources
  • confirm how communications will work so stakeholders are fully informed.

Once all this is worked through we will communicate the plan to all and be ready to progress this work in the New Year.

Download NZNO/DHB Update 01, December 2018.