Industrial Action Hardship Fund


The purpose of the fund is to make available financial support to members who are able to show financial hardship as a result of industrial action.

Note: applications due to hardship arising from the 2018 MECA industrial action have now closed.

Funding available

The NZNO Industrial Action Hardship Fund for 2018 which will be distributed by the sub-committee, based on applicants meeting the following criteria.

Criteria/Conditions for application

Applications to the NZNO Industrial Action Hardship Fund by financial members will be assessed taking account of one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The applicant is currently employed in the health sector and is covered by the collective employment agreement for which negotiations have reached an impasse and industrial action or strike action has taken place.
  2. The applicant provides proof that during the period of strike action they were rostered to work and did not get paid (payslip).
  3. The applicant is able to demonstrate hardship e.g. inability to cover necessities (not specific bills).
  4. The applicant submits a completed application within 6 weeks following the date of the industrial action.
  5. The applicant validates they are the principal wage earner in the household.
  6. The applicant confirms that there was more than one parent (in the household) who lost wages due to taking the industrial or strike action.
  7. The applicant has one or more dependants.
  8. The application is from an effected member not on behalf of another member.

To apply

Please fill in the application form and provide the evidence required.

Send the completed form to:

Heather Sander
PA to Manager Industrial Services
New Zealand Nurses Organisation
PO Box 2128
Wellington 6140


A sub-committee consisting of the President, Kaiwhakahaere, one representative from Corporate Services, Professional Services and Industrial Services will consider or assess all applications against the above criteria and communicate in writing with the applicant. The decision of the sub-committee is final with no right of appeal.