2016 DHB Elections

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    District Health Board candidate responses to NZNO health priorities

    As part of the 2016 DHB elections, NZNO asked a series of questions on health priorities of all candidates with a valid email address that we could access through a Returning Officer. The full set of questions and priority issues is available online here:

    Below are the responses to our email that we recieved for each DHB where candidates responded about their priorities:

    Auckland District Health Board

    Adam Amos (PDF, 674KB)

    Chris Peel on behalf of the City Vision team (PDF, 843KB)

    Lee Mathias on behalf of the C&R team (PDF, 682KB)

    Zoe Brownlie (PDF, 678KB)

    Bay of Plenty District Health Board

    Richard Forster (PDF, 674KB)

    Ron Fyfe (PDF, 674KB)

    Yvette Lamare (PDF, 676KB)

    Canterbury District Health Board

    Drucilla Kingi-Patterson (PDF, 678KB)

    Janet De Lu (PDF, 677KB)

    John Burn (PDF, 770KB)

    Jono Bannan (PDF, 677KB)

    Ken May (PDF, 682KB)

    Richard Roe (PDF, 673KB)

    Sally Buck (PDF, 674KB)

    Capital and Coast District Health Board

    Grant Brookes (PDF, 698KB)

    Helen Robinson (PDF, 676KB)

    Helene Ritchie (PDF, 671KB)

    Kathryn Adams (PDF, 754KB)

    Paul Douglas (PDF, 689KB)

    Roger Blakeley (PDF, 682KB)

    Stan Litras (PDF, 682KB)

    Sue Kedgley (PDF, 681KB)

    Sue Teng (PDF, 781KB)

    Counties Manukau District Health Board

    Alex Zed (PDF, 684KB)

    Anthony Ryan (PDF, 677KB)

    Barry Kirker (PDF, 768KB)

    Vijay Saini (PDF, 677KB)

    Hawkes Bay District Health Board

    Kerri Nuku (PDF, 1.06MB)

    Hutt Valley District Health Board

    Lisa Bridson (PDF, 676KB)

    Sandra Vanessa Greig (PDF, 674KB)

    Wayne Guppy (PDF, 695KB)

    Lakes District Health Board

    Brian Eagle (PDF, 673KB)

    Daniel Murdoch McKay (PDF, 677KB)

    Frances Louis (PDF, 671KB)

    Peri W Marks (PDF, 671KB)

    Johan Morreau (PDF, 606KB)

    MidCentral District Health Board

    Ann Chapman (PDF, 725KB)

    Northland District Health Board

    Libby Jones (PDF, 676KB)

    Sally Macauley (PDF, 673KB)

    Sue Alexander (PDF, 831KB)

    South Canterbury District Health Board

    Peter Binns (PDF, 684KB)

    Tairawhiti District Health Board

    Clive Bibby (PDF, 671KB)

    Taranaki District Health Board

    John Lawson (PDF, 675KB

    John Moore (PDF, 671KB)

    Waikato District Health Board

    Andrew Buckley (PDF, 784KB)

    Barry Quayle (PDF, 678KB)

    Bernadette Doube (PDF, 697KB)

    Dave Macpherson (PDF, 775KB)

    Martin Gallagher (PDF, 676KB)

    May Ann Gill (PDF, 675KB)

    Wairarapa District Health Board

    Karen Monks (PDF, 751KB)

    Robert Perry Cameron (PDF, 778KB)

    Stephen Gilbert Butcher (PDF, 689KB)

    Waitemata District Health Board

    Edward Benson Cooper (PDF, 680KB)

    Mark Dunlop (PDF, 683KB)