These ERA changes are bad medicine


Bad Medicine Fact Sheets

What would good employment law look like (PDF, 209KB)

Collective Bargaining (PDF, 243KB)

Refusing to settle a collective agreement (PDF, 216KB)

Opting out of a MECA (PDF, 241KB)

How would the law changes affect women (PDF, 233KB)

6th factsheet - revisiting the 1990s (PDF, 229KB)

Here are some things you can do to get involved:

  • Sign on to help with the campaign by emailing
  • Make sure new employees in your workplace join NZNO as soon they start͙
  • Tell your friends and family about these changes – and ask them to help with the campaign
  • Visit





"We need a law to lift wages, not reduce them"

"We are worried our rights are being stripped away"

"We need a strong economy based on decent wages and working conditions"