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Care Capacity Demand Management

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What is CarePoint?

NZNO has revitalised its commitment to safe staffing and the care capacity demand management programme; we have a range of strategies to engage our members including a new campaign brand. Think of it like a new car – the engine is still care capacity demand management, the destination is safe staffing and the name of the car that will take us there is CarePoint.

Download all CarePoint CCDM resources

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CarePoint CCDM - A guide for NZNO members (PDF, 418KB)

CCDM Background paper (PDF, 514KB)

Department of labour case study - The Power of Partnership  (PDF, 335KB)

CarePoint CCDM Information Booklet (PDF, 857KB)

CarePoint CCDM FAQ (PDF, 174KB)

SSHW unit 101 - Introduction to CCDM (PDF, 388KB)

TrendCare software quick tips & trouble-shooting guide (PDF, 181KB)

Actualise Every Patient! poster (PDF, 107KB)

Job Description for CCDM Delegates (PDF, 233KB)