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How does the CCDM Partnership Approach work?

CCDM stands on a partnership between Te Whatu Ora and unions

An effective partnership between the District Health Boards and NZNO is key to the successful implementation of the CCDM programme.

  • CCDM Programme implementation is led by the Te Whatu Ora CCDM Councils, which are partnership bodies consisting of both Te Whatu Ora executives and NZNO representatives.
  • The Programme Consultants from the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Unit provide CCDM Programme expertise and support to the CCDM partners (Te Whatu Ora and NZNO). They are experts in the use of the CCDM programme tools and sequencing of implementation.
  • The SSHW Unit was established in 2007. Some of its key functions have been to develop the CCDM programme and support CCDM related change within Te Whatu Ora. Get more information on the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Unit.

Workplace partnership is an active relationship

Workplace partnership refers to an active relationship between unions and the employer, where they work cooperatively and jointly to address areas of mutual interest.

Implementation of the CCDM Programme has been prioritised by both Te Whatu Ora and NZNO as an area of mutual interest.

This diagram illustrates the partnership model and the relationship with the SSHW Unit:

CCDM partnership model and relationship with DHBs and NZNO

Successful partnership requires:

  • Respect for differing and shared interests
  • Commitment to success of the other partner
  • Belief and trust that both parties each have the ability to achieve the mutually established goals
  • Management willingness to work with unions in some vital strategic areas
  • Union enthusiasm to be involved in increased efficiency and productivity in return for benefits to the union and its members
  • Joint responsibility for problem solving and eliminating blocks to improving quality and efficiency.

Evaluate your Te Whatu Ora worksite's CCDM partnership

On the CCDM website you can get a tool which will help Te Whatu Ora CCDM Councils better understand the state of their partnership with NZNO. The tool will also show areas were group action may be necessary to improve the partnership.

Get the partnership assessment tool


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