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TrendCare Tips

1. I don’t have TrendCare on my start menu

TrendCare needs to be assigned to both users and work stations. Contact your TrendCare Coordinator who will get the icon added to your start menu for you.

2. I can’t log in to my TrendCare account

In the first instance have another try; it may be a typing error. Remember that your user name and password are not case sensitive, so there is no need to use the CAPs lock. If you have no success on your second attempt contact your TrendCare Coordinator who will check your settings and may need to reset your password.

3. I went off shift without actualising my patients

Let your Charge Nurse Manager or acting charge nurse know as soon as possible. Your CNM can go back for up to 48hrs to make corrections. Make a time with your CNM so you can have access to the shift that you missed and you can actualise your patients.

4. My predicted patient acuity does not seem to be allocating me enough time to provide the care my patient needs

  • Check your patient is assigned the correct patient type, as this impacts on the base time allocated to the patient and also which indicators are available to select.
  • Changing your patient type should be done prior to predicting otherwise you will need to re-predict for the new patient type.
  • Remember that indicators themselves are not timed, they are weighted. Selecting more indicators won’t necessarily allocate you more time.
  • Patient categories are based on extensive timing studies and provide an average of nursing intensity required for the particular type and category of patient. This is never going to be perfect but will reflect the overall average.

5. I went to another ward/department for part of my shift (including x-ray, redeployment, or patient transfers/escorts), or, I have been engaged in non-clinical in-department activities during my shift.

It is essential that any non-clinical work hours (or out of department hours) are captured on your allocate staff screen. You may need to ask your CNM or shift charge to do this. Remember – the right information leads to right staff at the right time to provide the right care.

Download these TrendCare Tips as a Fact Sheet (PDF, 182KB)


TrendCare Docs

TrendCare User Guidelines - Maternity (PDF, 484KB) have been specifically developed for use in New Zealand Maternity Units. They are designed to work with TrendCare versions 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 and are maternity specific.

TrendCare Nursing User Guidelines – Mental Health (PDF, 442KB) describe the operational use of the TrendCare patient acuity tool for mental health, addiction and disability services within District Health Board (DHB) facilities.


The TrendCare Flyer - August 2016 (PDF, 242KB)

The TrendCare Flyer - June 2016 (PDF, 297KB)