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What is Care Capacity Demand Management?

What is CCDM?

A programme that supports DHBs to achieve their core mandate to safely and consistently match the demand it places on its services (care required by patients) with the resources required to meet this (staff, knowledge, equipment, facility). That is, balancing DEMAND v CAPACITY. CCDM is about improving the quality of care for patients, the work environment for staff and the organisational efficiency.

Why was CCDM developed?

Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Unit (SSHW) have developed and refined CCDM. They also facilitate the partnership between DHBs and Health Unions to implement the programme. This was in accordance with recommendations of the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Committee of Inquiry Report, 2006.

What does CCDM involve?

Staffing methodology – Work Analysis and FTE Calculation

The programme provides processes and tools that assist DHBs to better match forecasted demand, with the appropriate number of staff, the optimum skill mix and scheduling. This ensures that the capacity supplied, including an efficient supply chain, policies and structures, all match trends in the demand.

Variance Response Management (VRM)

Assists frontline staff and the DHB overall to collectively identify, alert and respond effectively to variance in the demand for services that occur in the moment, on a day to day basis.

Core Data Set (CDS)

The programme assists DHBs to review and respond to an agreed and accurate set of data both at the local ward and Organisational levels. This shows how well in reality the DHB is matching the demand on their services with the capacity to deliver the care required.

CCDM ensures:

  • The right number of staff
  • who are appropriately skilled
  • are in the right place
  • at the right time
  • with the appropriate resources
  • to meet the patients needs (demand) and deliver safe, effective and efficient care.