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The evidence for investment in nursing campaign aims to raise awareness of the substantial and cost effective contribution of nursing to improving health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Nursing is the most flexible health profession and its current and future contribution to improving the health status of New Zealanders is largely unrecognised.

The campaign aims to change that situation. It will run through to the end of 2013 and thereafter will become business as usual for NZNO. 


The campaign is designed to build into other NZNO strategies and a wider pan nursing venture to strengthen the image of nurses and clearly articulate the value of nursing to society, policy makers,  and health service managers.

It will support nurses as they proudly discuss the cost effective and added value that they can provide if they are well utilised.


Campaign resources now available:

Nurses in acute care settings (PDF, 133KB)

Nurses in Senior Nursing and leadership positions (PDF, 207KB)

Nurses working with Children and infants (PDF, 566KB)

Nursing in Aotearoa New Zealand – a definition 2011 (PDF, 514KB)

Productivity – nursing’s contribution 2010 (PDF, 919KB)

How nurses working in primary health care improve health outcomes 2011 (PDF, 138KB)

How nurses working in nurse-led clinics improve health outcomes 2011 (PDF, 134KB)

How nurses in aged and residential care improve health outcomes 2011 (PDF, 131KB)

Failure to Rescue 2012 (PDF, 474KB)