Nurses, Champions for change. 17 - 18 September 2014, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington. NZNO Conference


The following concurrent workshops were held on Thursday 18 September 2014

Care Capacity and Demand Management Programme at Southland Hospital Rehabilitation Ward

In 2007 the Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Unit was established by DHBs and NZNO to address on-going concerns about staffing levels and the quality of the work environment. A structured intervention for DHBs has resulted; this is the Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) Programme.Maree Jury

Rerekētanga: A Uniquely Diverse Role. Addressing disparities of health access for Māori Elders in a culturally coherent model of care

For Māori, life expectancy is eight to ten years less and avoidable death rates are almost double compared to other New Zealanders (2). Māori are sicker, and access care less (3).Waitemata DHB responded to The National Māori Health Strategy challenge, to improve Māori health outcomes and equity in access (1) through a Māori Nurse Specialist role, within the mainstream health framework,  which provides and encourages culturally appropriate intervention for Kaumātua.  This presentation will speak to the first year within this role and differences made by its existence.

Dianna McGregor


Leading Change in our Community

A brief glimpse at rural nursing, the trials tribulations and triumphs of working with families and individuals in primary, palliative and emergency care situations. From the prospective of a sole practitioner from the West Coast.

Liz Burns

Recovery Orientated Community Wellness Checks

Recovery Oriented Community Wellness Checks for mental health clients in the community have an emphasis on breaking down the barriers for client self management and whānau centric support.

Visits start with a 28-point health check using a health improvement profile especially developed by Mental Health Nurses in Scotland, for nurses working with mental health clients. This encompasses Cardio vascular risk, diabetes risk, dietary health practice, drug and alcohol issues, eye and dental health, sexual health and how the client's health impacts on their life. The service encompasses a holistic view of health from top to toe, based on the Te Whare Tapawhā model of care.

Elizabeth Robinson


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