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Ryman Healthcare

Conditions at work for Ryman members

NZNO's largest collective agreement is the District Health Boards Multi Employer Collective Agreement, which covers more than 25,000 members. It has a number of conditions negotiated specifically with Nurses and Carers in mind.

The table below compares some of the entitlements of NZNO members working in a District Health Board with entitlements of members working under a Ryman Healthcare Individual agreement:



Ryman Healthcare Individual Agreement


Paid or every hour after your normal shift and every hour after 40 hours per week. The first 3 hours are paid at time and a half, then double time after that.

No clause

Night rates

Paid an extra 25%

$2 per hour

Weekend rates

Paid an extra 50%

Paid an extra 20%

Public holiday

Paid double time (an extra 100%)

Paid an extra 50%

On call allowance per hour

Paid an extra $4.04 per hour while on call

No clause

Call back multiplier within minimum break

Paid an extra 50%

No clause

Higher duties allowance

$3.00 per hour for the first 5 days. After that, paid the minimum amount for the role

No clause

Annual Practicing Certificate


No clause (Ryman policy is to reimburse, but there is no clause)

Annual leave

4 weeks per year. After 5 years of service people are entitled to 5 weeks per year

4 weeks per year

Shift leave (extra leave for working shifts)

Up to 1 week per year for qualifying shifts

No clause

Sick and Domestic Leave

10 days per year, which can accumulate to 260 days. Discretionary leave of another 10 days per year

5 days per year, which can accumulate indefinitely

Bereavement Leave

As per the Holidays Act plus extra leave by discretion

As per the Holidays Act.

Parental leave payment

Top up for 14 weeks

No clause

Professional development leave

Between 40 and 48 hours

No clause

PDRP (Professional Development and Recognition Programme) payment for proficient EN per year


No clause

PDRP (Professional Development and Recognition Programme) payment for accomplished EN per year


No clause

PDRP (Professional Development and Recognition Programme) payment for proficient RN per year


No clause

PDRP (Professional Development and Recognition Programme) payment for expert RN per year


No clause

Long Service leave

A one off extra week every 5 years

A one off extra week after 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.


Rates of pay in the aged care sector

The equal pay settlement provided a long overdue and well deserved increase for caregivers. It also meant many enrolled nurses are now paid less than caregivers, despite having a greater qualification and responsibilities. In aged care sector bargaining this year, NZNO has been negotiating rates to restore a fair wage continuum, based on the following principles:

  • Enrolled nurses must be paid more than caregivers
  • Registered nurses are paid more than caregivers
  • The registered nurse pay scale extends beyond the enrolled nurse pay scale
  • Members must be able to go up the pay scale every year.

This year, the pay rates NZNO has taken into aged care negotiations have been in the ranges below. These ranges are not related to the DHB MECA pay scale, but are the rates we would like to see in aged care:

  • Caregivers: $19 - $23.50
  • Enrolled Nurses: $23.90 - $27.22
  • Registered Nurses: $26.54 (New Grad) $28.74 - $35.84

Oceania Strike - 1 March 2012

Aged Care Presentation at Parliament - 29 September 2011