NZNO and the Midwifery Council

NZNO representatives formally met with the MCNZ in June 2004 to inform them of NZNO midwife member profile and processes and request appropriate consultation processes as the representative of over 1000 midwife members.

NZNO has consulted widely with its midwife members throughout 2004 on MCNZ consultation documents and made submissions. 2005/2006 saw MCNZ consulting on education policies for midwives.

NZNO, during the consultation process on the MCNZ's reregistration policy and requirements, lobbied strongly that employer PDRPs be an option for demonstrating competencies as well as the MSR process of NZCOMS. MCNZ did not accept this proposal.

The MCNZ policy documents are available at the Midwifery Council website.

The following NZNO programmes have been allocated points as elective courses for the MCNZ annual practising certificate:

  • Health Practitioners Competence Assurance workshop – 1 point
  • Professional Boundaries workshop – 1 point