How NERF funding has helped nurses

Scholarship ensures barriers don't hinder progress

"This scholarship has enabled me to focus on my studies, as the year ends and us year 3 students refocus on state, the bills and endless need for money continues and when the focus at this time needs to be on preparation for state, sometimes that can be hindered by the need to work to ensure that there is food or gas in the car or stationary for studies. I received this scholarship in the midst of my nine week placement and that took a lot of burden of my shoulders to start borrowing money to ensure that I could get to placement and also afford to eat. Due to COVID and being in Level 2 unfortunately we were restricted to minimising the ability to carpool which caused a strain for all students looking at this way to be able to get to placement, this meant we were paying for parking by ourselves $10.00 max a day, fuel by ourselves and food. Instead of splitting this amongst 3-4 people lightening the stress.

I was honoured to receive this scholarship. Already we as students face barriers daily when it comes to anything financial as we live on a minimal wage, some would say its unfair as you would get more to not study but scholarships and financial support lightens the load and benefits any student, those barriers recently included those already spoken about above.

As I reach the end of my degree, these scholarships ensure that those barriers don’t hinder my progress in being successful."

~ Te Atamira Dakin, recipient of the Undergraduate Study Scholarship, Maori Nurse category 2020

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Stress and debt reduced for Maori nurse

"I would like to extend a large thank you to the NZNO Undergraduate Scholarship team for your support towards my studies over the past six years. I have just completed my studies in a Conjoint Bachelor of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Nursing, which means I have completed two degrees. This means I am now eligible to graduate and will graduate on the 15th of December at the University of Auckland graduation ceremony.

On Monday the 21st of September, I began working in my dream job as a Registered Nurse in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Starship.

This unit is located in the national Childrens’ Hospital in New Zealand - Starship. Children in this unit are typically on life support or requiring intensive medical care. PICU is the only dedicated children’s intensive care facility in the country and is also where children who are transported via the national children air ambulance are treated.

This is part of the reason why I consider myself to be very fortunate to have the opportunity to work within such a specialised unit and alongside some on New Zealand’s best health professionals. I am extremely excited to start caring for and supporting the children and their families on this unit.

Your support towards my studies has reduced the cost of my University fees for my studies and subsequently decreased my student loan. It has also enabled me to focus on my studies by reducing my living costs and the stress of completing significant hours of part-time work, as I am living in Auckland away from my whānau who reside in Palmerston North.

My whānau and I would like to pass on our thanks to you, your contribution and support has enabled me to complete my studies to a high degree. With your support I am now able to work in an area of health where Māori are significantly and inequitably overrepresented, allowing me to care for their children alongside their whānau."

~ Ellie Sanson, recipient of the Undergraduate Study Scholarship, Maori Nurse category 2018

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Able to purchase valued textbooks

"...the funding help that I received enabled me to be able to purchase the rest of the textbooks required to be able to complete the first year of my degree and will be valuable for further study and throughout my nursing career"

~ Rachel Pugh, recipient of a Hazel Florence Johnstone EN award, 2014

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Wonderful international study fellowship

"I would like to personally thank the Margaret May Blackwell Trust and both the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) and the Nursing Education and Research Foundation (NERF) for awarding me the wonderful opportunity to do this international study fellowship"

~ Janice Wootton, recipient of a Margaret May Blackwell Travel Fellowship, 2013

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