Salary deduction change 2024 – frequently asked questions

From 1 April 2024, NZNO will no longer be offering salary deductions as a method of fee payment for new members. This FAQ helps explain the reasons for the change..

Salary deductions FAQ

Salary deductions cost significantly more for us to process and support than other payment methods, which is inefficient.

Secondly, having a third party involved between us can sometimes complicate fee payments, particularly when problems arise. When this happens it’s easier for us to be dealing with each other without a middle party.

Salary deductions are being removed as a form of payment only for new members. If your colleague currently pays by salary deduction they can keep that option – though we do encourage them to move to paying by direct debit.

We recommend changing your payment method at such a time. If you change employer, you will need to start a new payment authority anyway, so this is a great opportunity to set up a direct debit payment.

First you need to instruct your payroll department to stop all salary deduction payments and confirm with them the next pay cycle at which those payments will stop.

Next, email the confirmed date at which your salary deduction will stop to along with your bank account number (including hyphens/line breaks). The Membership Team will respond confirming the amount of your direct debit and the date at which it will start.

If you currently pay by salary deduction you can continue to do so. However, we do encourage you to move to paying by direct debit when you have the opportunity.

We can’t give you an exact time of day because bank processing times vary. Please ensure funds are available in your account for the entire day on which your payment is due.

This is not usually the case. Public hospitals are separate legal entities so your payment method is not automatically transferred. As with changing any job, your payment method will be part of the information you need to give to your new employer. We recommend changing to paying by direct debit at such a time.

Please contact your payroll department directly and instruct them to stop these payments because you pay NZNO directly.

  1. Instruct your payroll department to stop all salary deductions for union fees. There is usually a cut off day/time to make payroll changes, and if you made the request too late for the current pay cycle, it should take effect for the next pay cycle.
  2. Request confirmation of the pay run at which the payment will stop.
  3. Email all pay slips showing the extra payments to We need to see your name, payment dates and amounts deducted.
  4. When we receive this information, we will contact you to discuss how your payments will be adjusted.

The best option is by direct debit. We recommend current members who pay by salary deduction contact our Membership Team to change their payment method: