Continuing professional development

Develop your nursing practice and earn two hours of CPD by reading the CPD4Nurses article in Kaitiaki Nursing New Zealand and completing the associated online learning activities.

Go to for more information or complete the learning acivities. The online service costs $19.95 per article.

CPD4nurses is not an NZNO service. Articles are supplied by CPD4nurses, and independent education company.

  • Continuing professional development was launched in the February 2011 issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.
  • Every month we run a new article to develop your nursing practice. These link to the CPD4nurses website which has associated questions and reflection points.
  • The articles of up to 5000 words will be written or supplied by clinical nurse educator Georgina Casey. She is passionate that nurses’ practice should be supported by up-to-date and relevant scientific knowledge.



  • November: Drug reactions - when medicines cause harm
  • September: Understanding opioids
  • July: Healing chronic wounds
  • May: Type 2 diabetes melllitus
  • March: Understanding stroke

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