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Issue 40 - 5 Dec 2016

Leading in Disaster Recovery: A Companion Through the Chaos
A pocket book of wisdom from over 100 recovery leaders who share the messages they wish they’d had.

Articles – Care during the holiday season

1. Health and wellbeing: Psyche: Take control before holiday season
Phillips, Paul
LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal, No. 28, Nov 2016: 54-55
: Three techniques - neural nourishment from the senses, being present with loved ones, and understanding yourself - can help you recharge and redirect your life, writes psychologist.

2. Eat smart: Food poisoning perils
Kljajic, Sara
PS Post Script, Nov 2016: 46
: Part of the fun of Christmas and the holiday season is catching up with family and friends and helping out by sharing dishes at celebratory events. But preparing food for a lot of people can be risky, especially at this time. By following the tips below you can avoid food poisoning over this festive season.

3. Eye care: Protecting your peepers
PS Post Script, Nov 2016: 24-25.
: We're well aware of the damage that UV rays can have on our skin, but how often do we stop to think about our eyes? Prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays has been linked to eye damage so talk to your customers about optimal eye care today

- Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing, Fall 2016

4. Critical care nursing north of the 60th Parallel: A qualitative pilot study 
Vanderspank-Wright, Brandi, PHD, RN; McMillan, Kimberly, BSCN, PHD, RN.
The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (Fall 2016): 12-17.
: There is growing knowledge specific to remote, rural and northern nursing practice in Canada's north. However, there is limited research that specifically addresses the experiences of critical care nurses working in Canada's northern communities. The purpose of this pilot study was to begin to explore and better understand the experiences of Canadian nurses providing critical care to patients and families in intensive care units north of the 60th parallel.

5. Changing laws on medical assistance in dying: Implications for critical care nurses 
Edwards, Marie, PHD, RN.
The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (Fall 2016): 18-23.
: In this article, brief overviews of the Supreme Court of Canada's judgment in the Carter v. Canada case and the Parliament of Canada's legislative response to it are outlined. Questions raised by health care providers in response to the judgment and new federal law are considered. In addition, Québec's legislation related to medical aid in dying is briefly described. The article concludes with an exploration of the possible implications of the evolving legislative landscape for critical care nurses.

6. Intensive care nurses' assessment of pain in patients who are mechanically ventilated: How a pilot study helped to influence practice 
Bourbonnais, Frances Fothergill, PHD, RN; Malone-Tucker, Sue, BSCN, RN; Dalton-Kischel, Debbie RN.
The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (Fall 2016): 24-29.
: Many patients in ICUs have difficulty communicating their pain because of mechanical ventilation, and issues can arise when the nurse attempts to interpret the severity of pain and work towards effective pain management. The aim of this study was to determine the suitability of the Critical-Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) as an assessment tool to be used by ICU nursing staff to assess pain in adult patients who are mechanically ventilated

7. Research Review 
Price, Paula, PhD, RN.
The Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nursing (Fall 2016): 30-31.
: The specific aim of this project was to increase mobilization of critically ill patients and to determine whether an educational program for nurses affected their knowledge and mobilization practices. To evaluate the effect of education about a mobilization program for critical care nurses on knowledge and performance

Articles – Contemporary Nurse, Volume 52, 2016

8. Impact of colonialism on Māori and Aboriginal healthcare access: a discussion paper
Shelaine I. Zambas & Jennifer Wright
Contemporary Nurse, Volume 52 (4), 2016: 398-409
: Historical socio-political processes have produced gross inequity of health resource for Aboriginal Australians and New Zealand Māori. This paper argues that socio-political factors resulting from the entrenchment of colonialism have produced significant personal and structural barriers to the utilisation of healthcare services and directly impact the health status of these two vulnerable groups

9. Self-medication practices among undergraduate nursing and midwifery students in Australia: a cross-sectional study
Allison Williams & Kimberley Crawford
Contemporary Nurse, Volume 52 (4), 2016: 410-420
: Self-medication is a global phenomenon and a major form of self-care. To explore the self-medication practices of Australian nursing and midwifery students.

10. An exploratory study of the relationship between resilience, academic burnout and psychological health in nursing students
Mª Isabel Ríos-Risquez, Mariano García-Izquierdo, Emiliana de los Angeles Sabuco-Tebar, Cesar Carrillo-Garcia & Maria Emilia Martinez-Roche
Contemporary Nurse, Volume 52 (4), 2016: 430-439
: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between resilience, academic burnout and psychological health in a sample of nursing students.

11. Attitudes and immunisation practices of Australian general practice nurses
Elizabeth Halcomb & Louise Hickman
Contemporary Nurse, Volume 52 (4), 2016: 430-439
: Despite the decline in vaccine-preventable diseases, immunisation rates remain important. Nurses working in general practice (GPN) are often the first contact for childhood and adult immunisations and so impact vaccine provision. This study sought to describe the current immunisation practices and attitudes of GPN prior to attending the Nurse Immuniser Training Program

Journal - Table of Contents

AJN: American Journal of Nursing
Vol. 116, No. 11, November 2016

12A. Guest Editorial: Nurses supporting family caregivers
12B. Viewpoint: Cultural Incongruence in nursing education
12C. Letters to the editor
12D. News: Maternal mortality in the United States is on the rise; More trampoline parks, more injuries
12E. News: Salaries for nurses decrease, while NP salaries rise; New advisory on contralateral prophylactic mastectomy
12F. Nurses’ dissatisfaction with electronic health records remains high
12G. The impact of biological interventions for ulcerative colitis on health-related quality of life
12H. Preventing, assessing, and managing skin tears: A clinical review
12I. Veteran women: Mental health-related consequences of military service
12J. Managing complex medication regimens: Nurses can enhance a family caregiver’s knowledge, skill, and confidence
12K. More than the usual sweat and toil
12L. An evidence-based infant safe sleep program to reduce sudden unexplained infant deaths
12M. From the AJN Archives July 1906 issue: The economical furnishing and equipment of children’s hospitals or wards
12N. Journal Watch: No increase in congenital malformations with use of antipsychotics in pregnancy; Aspirin is key to reducing risk of early stroke recurrence; Nurse-initiated protocols can reduce ED wait times
12O. The art of saying yes: A new nurse learns on her second day that making an extra effort is what nursing is all about
12P. Featured post from heart of a nurse
12Q. Reflections: Behind the curtain-Time and experience have a way of complicating every cancer story


13. Gerontological Nursing: Shaping Healthcare for those who Shaped Canada
19th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association
Date: May 4-6, 2017
Venue: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
More information:

14. Medico Legal Congress
Key topics include:
- The Emergency Department: A Laboratory for Error
- Medicinal Cannabis: The Law and its Ethical Implications
Date: 9-10 March 2017
Venue: Swissotel, Sydney, 68 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
More information:

News – National

15. Diabetes cure a step closer with Kiwi discovery
Newshub - Monday 5 Dec 2016 7:14 a.m.
New Zealand scientists are celebrating a breakthrough in diabetes research after discovering a missing link in our knowledge of type 2 diabetes. University of Auckland scientists have found a protein called beta-catenin controls the release of insulin from the pancreas to maintain stable blood sugar levels

16. How a woman overdosed on water
NZ Herald - AM Monday Dec 5, 2016
Telling people to "drink plenty of fluids" when unwell could be dangerous, doctors have warned. Experts at King's College Hospital in south London questioned the recommendation after treating a 59-year-old woman who drank so much water that she became gravely ill.

News – International

17.  Death by overwork: Pressure mounts on Japan to act
by Emiko Jozuka and Yoko Wakatsuki   @CNNMoney
November 30, 2016: 4:07 AM ET
Millions of Japanese people are in danger of working themselves into an early grave. Known for the punishing hours demanded by its 'salaryman' culture, Japan has struggled to tackle the impact of overwork on employees' health. But plans to overhaul labor laws could improve the situation.

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