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Issue 31 Library e-newsletter 14 Sept 2018

Radio New Zealand’s collection of greetings with audio tracks
100 Maori words every New Zealander should know.
Check out some of the 
Maori Language Commission resources.
Find out more about
Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week).


Available for issue for 4 weeks to current NZNO members. Please provide your address so the books can be couriered to you.

1.  The Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs: Te Kohikohinga Whakatauki A Raupo
A.E. Brougham & A.W. Reed. Revised by Timoti Karetu
Several hundred proverbs are contained in this book, categorised under a large number of diverse headings, with translations and explanations in English.

2. Te Matatiki : contemporary Māori words
Māori Language Commission = Te Taura Whiri te Reo Māori
5500 new words developed by the Māori Language Commission since 1987
3000 previously unpublished Māori equivalents for English terms

3. A Māori word a day: 365 words to kickstart your reo
Hēmi Kelly
Through its 365 Māori words, you will learn the following: English translations; word category, notes and background information; Sample sentences, in both te reo Māori and English

4. The Suffrage Trail: A guide to places, memorials and the arts commemorating New Zealand women
This book aims to provide an indication of places and memorials of historic interest throughout NZ with profiles of key women, in particular those important to our early history. A short history of the national Council of Women has been included and a brief NZ women’s history, with a highlighted summary of the suffrage campaign.

Articles  -  Accidental Falls

5. Prevent injuries by avoiding some common culprits.
Harvard Women's Health Watch. Aug 2018, 25(12), p7-7. 2/3p
The article offers tips on preventing injuries which includes avocado knives, and whirring blades.

6. Visual Impairment and Falls: Outcomes of Two Fall Risk Assessments after a Four-Week Fall Prevention Program.
Kingston, John T.
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness. Jul/Aug 2018, 112(4), 411-415.

The article looks at several studies related to the role of vision impairment related to the risk of falling. Topics covered include publication of actual interventions that minimize falls for those with vision impairments, fall risk assessments used by the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center, and a table that shows Matter of Balance fall prevention program group eye conditions.

7. The Latest on Calcium and Vitamin D for Bone Health: An expert panel recommends against most healthy older adults taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to prevent fractures. 
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter. Jul 2018, 36(5), p1-7. 2p

The article reports that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has issued updated recommendations on calcium and vitamin D supplementation for bone health. Topics mentioned include a decline in bone density and its impact on risk of fractures, the link of vitamin D with calcium supplementation with an increase in the incidence of kidney stones.

8. Nutritional strategies to reduce falls risk in older people
Louise Nash & Nick Bergin
Nursing Older People. 23 March 2018, 30(3),20-24. doi: 10.7748/nop.2018.e1016 

A literature review found an association between increased falls risk and malnutrition, sarcopenia, vitamin D deficiency and dehydration. Strategies to identify, prevent and treat these conditions can help to reduce falls risk in at-risk groups such as frail, older people. Nurses can reduce falls risk in older people by raising awareness of risk factors and embedding nutritional strategies in local falls reduction strategies.

Articles - Hand Hygiene

9. A systematic review on hand hygiene knowledge and compliance in student nurses
International Nursing Review, 65(3), September 2018, 336-348

Hand hygiene competence is one of the critical outcomes in nursing education. Ensuring nursing students recognize the what, when and how of hand hygiene is critical in the light of the increasing rates of healthcare‐associated infections.

10. Factors influencing hand hygiene compliance among nurses: An integrative review
Winship, Sarah &  McClunie-Trust, Patricia
Kai Tiaki Nursing Research, Sep 2016, 7(1): 19-26

The aim of this integrative review was to appraise primary research to identify factors influencing qualified nurses' hand hygiene compliance during patient care. Health-care associated infections (HAI) adversely affect patient health outcomes during hospital admissions, raising morbidity and mortality rates, extending lengths of hospital stay, and increasing health-care costs

11. Effective infection prevention and control: the nurse’s role
Emma Burnett
Nursing Standard. Jun 5 2018, 33(4):68-72

Healthcare-associated infections are defined as infections that develop as a direct result of a healthcare intervention, or from contact with the environment in any healthcare setting. As resistant organisms continue to emerge and evolve, and antimicrobial agents become less effective, infection prevention and control remains a vital aspect of maintaining public health, particularly among vulnerable patient groups such as older people and young children.  

Journal - Table of Contents

WIN: World of Irish Nursing & Midwifery, 26(7) September 2018

12A. Editorial: Preparing for action on pay
12B. Your priorities with the president
12C. News: Poor pay and short staffing driving nurses and midwives out of Ireland; Budget a ‘litmus test’ for Ministers on health service; End of summer and HSE has still failed to produce a workforce plan for 2018
12D. News: INMO questions govt spending review; The real challenge for Slaintecare is funding, says INMO
12E. News: EDs short over 200 nurses in summer; EDs facing worst winter on record; New key appointments at the INMO; Attack on midwifery school in Afghanistan
12F. IR News: Tony Fitzpatrick reports on issues discussed at the latest National Joint Council forum
12G. News: WRC agreement on move to Nazareth House new facility; Mater Private Group changes hands; Tralee protest to highlight gross overcrowding in ED
12H. Wheeled in, walking out [Nurse-led care shines through at the mater Hospital’s post-acute care service in Fairview, writes Michael Pidgeon
12I. Your future starts here [INMO student and new graduate officer, Neal Donohue welcomes new entrants to nursing and midwifery undergraduate programmes]
12J. INMO Professional Development Centre: Learning to balance the load – How to deal with information overload and reading lists
12K. When children fail to thrive: Examining faltering growth in children
12L. Quality & Safety: National Office of Clinical Audit
12M. Legal Focus: Suspension of registration
12N. Nurse-led service cuts wait times for eye surgery
12O. Money Matters: When it pays to switch health insurance policy
12P. Retirement of Breedagh Hughes [Stalwart of RCM Northern Ireland steps down after 21 years]
12Q. Rosaleen White: Ireland’s first ANP in pre-operative assessment; Evidence shows that nurses save lives and improve outcomes
12R. Workers struggling to secure rental homes; COPD risk for children exposed to secondhand smoke


13. The Medical and Elder Law 2018 Conference
Date: 26 - 27 Nov 2018
Venue: Novotel Ellerslie, Auckland
More info:

News - National

14. Elderly taking multiple medications twice as likely to injure themselves – research
Newshub - 11 Sept 2018
Elderly people taking multiple medications for incontinence, pain and sleeping are twice as likely to injure themselves with some dying within a year of their injury. The world first study from the University of Otago in Christchurch draws on the experience of seventy thousand elderly New Zealanders measuring the impact that taking multiple medications has on fractures.

15. How to get waiata fit! A step-by-step guide to singing at your workplace
From Nine To Noon, 11:07 am on 5 September 2018
If you know how to mutter 'Ka Mate' under your breath ahead of an All Blacks game then the next logical step is to learn a waiata. Yadana Saw presents a step-by-step guide on how to get your wāhi mahi (workplace) waiata fit

News – International

16. Are you having a midlife drinking crisis?
The Age - 13 September 2018
I can't be the only one who breathed a sigh of relief at the latest recommendation that regular drinkers should aim for two dry days a week. Finally: an achievable goal

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