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Issue 32 Library e-newsletter 21 Sept 2018

Dementia Awareness

Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. Here in New Zealand, 4 out of 5 Kiwis are affected by dementia.


Available for issue for 4 weeks to current NZNO members. Please provide your address so the books can be couriered to you.

1. Collective Bargaining
CCH New Zealand Limited
Published October 2007
This book covers each stage of the collective bargaining process – from forming a union through to industrial action and strategies for negotiation

2. False Economy: New Zealanders face the conflict between paid and unpaid work
Anne Else
Published 1996
Are you working too hard? Are you constantly trying to juggle paid work with your responsibilities to children, teenagers, elderly parents, and the wider community?

3. Privacy Law in New Zealand [2nd edition]
Stephen Penk & Rosemary Tobin
Published 2016
Privacy Law in New Zealand (2nd edition) offers a broad-ranging examination of privacy principles from theoretical and practical perspectives.  

4. The WEL Herstory: The Women’s electoral lobby
Elspeth Preddey
Published 2003
This book describes the lobby’s contribution to the increased involvement of women in decision-making in New Zealand society, and towards law reforms ranging from matrimonial property and reproductive rights to electoral systems and peace initiatives.

Articles  -  Contemporary Nurse July 2018, Volume 54, Issue 3

5. Beyond bus fare: deconstructing prenatal care travel among low-income urban mothers through a mix methods GIS study
Joan Rosen Bloch, Sarah Cordivano, Marcia Gardner & Jennifer Barkin
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 233-245
Guided by critical theory, this study illustrates the value of interpretative mapping to deconstruct bus travel to publicly funded prenatal care in a city marked by health and social inequities.

6. Determining nurses’ perceptions of patient safety culture in palliative care centres
Metin Dincer, Nazan Torun & Hurisah Aksakal
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 246-257
Palliative care patients often do not have decision-making capacity at the end of life so this patient group is vulnerable to violations of patient safety.

7.  Issues impacting on enrolled nurse education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students: a discussion
Jennifer H. Cramer, Judith Dianne Pugh, Susan Slatyer, Diane E. Twigg & Melanie Robinson
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 258-267
Achieving increased participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s health workforce, particularly nursing, is federal government policy imperative. However, the uptake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into nursing has stalled and their attrition from tertiary nursing courses is considerably higher than for other students.

8. Aged care staff’s experiences of ‘Better Oral Health in Residential Care Training’: a qualitative study
Ha Hoang, Tony Barnett, Greer Maine & Leonard Crocombe
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 268-283
The Better Oral Health in Residential Care (BOHRC) Training was rolled out to Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) across Australia in 2010.

9. Identification of nursing students’ attitudes toward older people
Ayse Berivan Bakan, Senay Karadag Arli & Ela Varol
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 284-292
The present study aims to identify nursing students’ attitudes toward older people

10. Factors promoting resilience among breast cancer patients: a qualitative study
Ting Zhang, Huiping Li, Annuo Liu, Huixue Wang, Yaqi Mei & Wanjun Dou
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 293-303
The purpose of this study was to investigate resilience factors that helped Chinese breast cancer patients adapt to the trauma in the traditional Chinese cultural context.

11. Adult cancer patients’ perception of social support in non-profit electronic counselling services: a descriptive qualitative study
Tiina Yli-Uotila, Marja Kaunonen, Liisa Pylkkänen & Tarja Suominen
Contemporary Nurse 2018, 54(3), 304-318
Cancer patients may need to seek support from electronic sources because their needs are not fulfilled in the hospital settings.

Journal - Table of Contents

American Journal of Nursing, August 2018, Volume 118, No. 8

12A. Editorial: Closed borders, closed hearts [The shameful treatment of immigrants needs our collective outcry]
12B. Nurses’ voices matter in decisions about dismissing vaccine-refusing families
12C. News: Suicide among nurses [Poorly documented and unacknowledged]; Commonwealth Fund tracks U.S. health care trends
12D. Study of U.S. veterans links mild traumatic brain injury to dementia risk; Higher than optimal nurse workloads increase the odds of patient mortality; Depression diagnoses surge nationwide
12E. The labyrinthine workings of the nursing home business [A look inside an opaque industry that often puts profits over patient care]
12F. Health care policy update: New Medicaid work requirements, pre-existing conditions at risk, the drug cost crisis
12G. Drug Watch: Overview of drugs used to treat opioid use disorder; New maintenance treatment for recurrent ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal cancer; New approved use for Blinatumomab; New warning for Lamotrigine
12H. Pain in nonverbal children with medical complexity: A two-year retrospective study
12I. Poem: Home hospice
12J. A review of the revised sepsis care bundles: A rationale behind the new definitions, screening tools, and treatment guidelines
12K. Nursing practice and particulate matter exposure: Structuring healthy environments for those at greatest risk
12L. AJN Archives: Dust and fume as foes of industry
12M. Retired nurse volunteers: A valuable-and untapped-resource
12N. Journal Watch: Overtime negatively affects nurses’ collaboration with coworkers; Youth hospitalizations for suicidal ideation and attempts have steadily increased; Additional screening tool may improve dementia screening; Some anticholinergics linked to increased dementia risk
12O. Best of the Blog: The quandary of scheduling vacation time for nurses
12P. Multidrug-resistant organisms and contact precautions [Most nurses know when to start precautions, but for how long should they continue?]
12Q. Cataract surgery in patients with age-related macular degeneration
12R. Reflections: The crazy aunt of a nurse: After a nephew’s overdose, the author finds little refuge in her professional identity


13. IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Congress
A joint meeting between the International Union for Sexually Transmitted Infections –Asia Pacific, the NZ Sexual Health Society and the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance
Date: 1 - 3 November 2018
Venue:  Auckland NZ

14. The Medical and Elder Law 2018 Conference
Date: 26 - 27 Nov 2018
Venue: Novotel Ellerslie, Auckland
More information:

News – National

15. Hospitals vary in quake-proofing digital data
Radio New Zealand, 21 Sept 2018
Auckland and Northland hospitals have had to temporarily quake-proof their data centres after a warning they were not up to scratch.

16. All kids to be screened for dyslexia, giftedness and other learning needs
NZ Herald – 21 Sept 2018
The draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan, released by Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin, proposes "a central data collection process" for all children with learning needs - about one in five, or 160,000, schoolchildren.

News – International

17. Yoghurts (even organic ones) 'full of sugar'
BBC News – 19 September 2018
Many yoghurts are full of sugar and the public should not be lulled into thinking they are eating healthy products, researchers say

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