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Issue 35 - Library e-newsletter 19 Oct 2018

Samuel Parnell achieved fame as the founder of the eight-hour working day in New Zealand, a right he had fought for as a carpenter at Petone in early 1840. 
His name is often linked with Labour Day, which has been celebrated as a holiday since 1900.


1. Nurse on board: Planning your path to the boardroom
Connie Curran
Published 2016
Skillfully guides readers by sharing: best practices, data and advice from seasoned board leaders; explanations of different types of boards, how they work and the required skills and experiences; how boards recruit new members and how you can best position yourself as a candidate; and more.

2. Professional practice models in nursing: Successful health system integration
Joanne R. Duffy
This is the first resource to demonstrate to nurse leaders, administrators, and staff how to develop, apply, and successfully integrate a professional practice model into a health system. It delivers best practices for creating, implementing, evaluating, adapting, adopting, and revising professional practice models that contribute to improving patient outcomes

3. Health Promotion in Nursing Practice [Sixth edition]
Nola Pender., Carolyn Murdaugh & Mary Ann Parsons
Published in 2011
Health Promotion in Nursing Practice presents a strong, up-to-date foundation for understanding and building the science and practice of health promotion. The book has three goals: to introduce the major individual and community models and theories that guide health promotion interventions; to offer evidence-based strategies for effective health promotion in practice settings; and to foster critical thinking about future opportunities for research and more effective interventions.

Articles  -  Anxiety

4. Are you missing these signs of anxiety or depression
Harvard Health Letter. 8/1/2018, 43(10), p3-3. 1p
: The article discusses some important issues to put in mind when knowing the signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression. Topics mentioned include the link between aging and subtle changes in mood or behavior, the reason why people who are depressed and anxious have difficulty making decisions, and the association of social connections with reduced stress, improved immune system function, and longer life.

5. Children with social anxiety and other anxiety disorders show similar deficits in habitual emotional regulation: evidence for a transdiagnostic phenomenon 
By Keil, Verena; Asbrand, Julia; Tuschen-Caffier, Brunna; Schmitz, Julian.
European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Jul 2017, 26 (7), 749-757. 9p.
DOI: 10.1007/s00787-017-0942-x.
: Deficits in emotion regulation (ER) are an important factor in maintaining social anxiety disorder (SAD) in adults. As SAD and ER problems typically develop during childhood and adolescence, and are maintained dynamically within the parent-child dyad, research on families can help to reveal the role ER plays in the early development of SAD.

6. Graduate nurses' experience of feedback, support and anxiety: A pilot study
The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Volume 35 Issue 1 (Sep/Nov 2017)
Gardiner, Isabelle; Sheen, Jade
: The aims of this study were to investigate the association between feedback and anxiety, while also exploring the feedback and support experiences of graduate nurse.

7. The effects of psychotherapy for depression on anxiety symptoms: a meta-analysis
Weitz, Erica; Kleiboer, Annet; Annemieke van Straten; Cuijpers, Pim.
Psychological Medicine; Cambridge, 48(13), (Oct 2018): 2140-2152
More than half of patients who present with depressive disorders also have elevated comorbid anxiety symptoms. Given the high comorbidity between these disorders, it is important to understand the extent that psychotherapies for depression additionally ameliorate symptoms of anxiety.

Articles – Innovation/Inspiring Others/Workplace Culture

8. How to inspire and innovate at work
Nursing Standard. October 2018 33 (7),38-41. doi: 10.7748/ns.33.7.38.s17
: With persistence, teamwork and strong leadership, nurses at every level can turn good ideas into better patient care. Angela Hall has many qualities, but her ability to innovate is one that stands out. The arrhythmia nurse specialist is expert at identifying gaps in service provision and proposing workable solutions to fill them. Her talent contributed to her success in this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards, where she was named overall winner.

9.  Workplace Culture
Taylor, Gay.
Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal: ANJ; Melbourne, 26(2), Aug 2018: 23.
: A study undertaken for Pennsylvania State University in 2005 found that tangible improvements to patient outcomes could be linked to empowering management practices that fostered staff retention and minimised turnover in a range of nursing homes. Using Kanter's (1977) theory of structural power in organisations as a guiding principle, the investigators posited that workers who feel a sense of control over their working conditions would be more likely to want to stay with the organisation, thus providing greater stability for the residents at the nursing home

Articles – Leadership

10. Leading the Nurse Within: Developing Confident Leadership Skills for New Graduates
Laut, Rebecca; Wiknik, Ashley; LaCroix, Kimberly M; Bunting, Dawn; Pettorini-D'Amico, Susan.
The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing; Thorofare Vol. 49, Iss. 8,  (Aug 2018): 356-359.
: All too frequently, newer nurses are expected to take on leadership roles without any formal leadership training or education. For nurses to be successful change agents, it is imperative that they develop the necessary leadership skills to take on leadership roles, ultimately improving employee satisfaction and nurse retention.

11. Learning, Leadership, and Service Student-Led Leadership Development
Delahunt, Joan Ziegler; McGowan, Katherine; Zayat, Elizabeth.
OT Practice; Bethesda Vol. 23, Iss. 10, (Jun 4, 2018): 23-24.
: The purpose of this leadership project was to encourage students to assess their unique leadership and communication skills, set personal leadership-based goals, participate in a goal-directed activity to enhance learning and leadership opportunities, and reflect on professional development outcomes. A SWOT analysis is a clear-cut approach to assess either a business organization and environment, or an individual's personal attributes, in order to create and best take advantage of talents, abilities, and opportunities when kick-starting a strategy planning process.

12. Exploring the role of advanced nurse practitioners in leadership
Anderson, Claire.
Nursing Standard, May 2, 2018, 33(2), 29. DOI:10.7748/ns.2018.e11044
: Advanced nurse practitioners should also understand the necessity of responding to, and influencing, changes to healthcare policy and practice ( Rose 2015 ) Effective leaders do not necessarily have nominated or formal designated authority, and their leadership is achieved through empowering others with an emphasis on an interpersonal relationship with the team Wong et al (2013) found a significant association between positive nurse leadership such as transformational leadership styles and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

13. Leadership and Communication Competencies in Nursing: What Are We Missing?Barton, Amy J.
Journal of Nursing Education; Thorofare Vol. 57, Iss. 5,  (May 2018): 259-260.
: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015), nurses constitute the largest proportion (23%) of the health care workforce with current estimates of over 2.8 million RNs (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017).The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2008) Essentials of Baccalaureate Education add that “As advocates for high quality care for all patients, nurses are knowledgeable and active in the policy processes defining healthcare delivery and systems of care”

14. A creation story of leadership development
Middleton, Rebekkah; Mackay, Maria; Riley, Katherine; Stephens, Moira.
International Practice Development Journal; London Vol. 8, Iss. 1,  (May 2018).
: This article focuses on key reflection and learning by team members of a project that evaluated the development of leadership skills in senior staff from a rural local health district in New South Wales, Australia. The project evaluated the outcomes of learning and teaching strategies used in the delivery of the Effective Leadership Program, together with the impact that empowerment had on enabling individuals to flourish in their growth and development as leaders.

Journal - Table of Contents

Journal of Infection Prevention, 19(5), September 2018


15A. Editorial Applying Pareto analysis to reducing Escherichia coli bloodstream infections
15B. Infectious illness prevention and control methods and their effectiveness in non-health workplaces: an integrated literature review
15C. The intentions of Israeli nurses attending university programs to receive seasonal influenza vaccination
15D. Vessel Health and Preservation Framework: Use of the outcome logic model for evaluation
15E. Screening for Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus among febrile Indonesian Hajj pilgrims: A study on 28,197 returning pilgrims
15F. Hospital infections in Birmingham, England, in the 19th and 20th centuries
15G. Outbreak Column 22: How to manage an outbreak
15H. Letter to the editor: Clostridium difficile infection investigation and multidisciplinary team root cause analysis


16. New Zealand Respiratory Conference 2018
Date: 22-23 November 2018
Venue: Pullman Hotel | Auckland
More information:

17. HealthyWork Conference 2018
Date: 27 November 2018
Venue: Skycity Convention Centre, Auckland
More information:

News – National

18. Antibiotic-resistant superbug found in five people prompts Hutt Valley health warning
Stuff - Oct 18 2018
A family of bacteria resistant to nearly all antibiotics has been found in five people living in the Wellington region. The bacteria Carbapenem Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) was first identified by Hutt Valley District Health Board (DHB) in August with the latest case found less than a week ago.

News – International

19. Major changes to My Health Record laws needed to safeguard Australians, Senate inquiry finds
Sydney Morning Herald - 18 October 2018
The deadline to opt-out of the federal government's controversial My Health Record system should be extended by 12 months and legislation substantially rewritten to safeguard patients' safety and privacy, a Senate inquiry has found.

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