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Issue 6 Library e-newsletter 20 Mar 2019

Mental health advice for coping after a traumatic event


These books are available for borrowing for 4 weeks by NZNO current members. Please supply a physical address so that the books can be couriered out to you.

1/ Anxiety disorders: Panic disorder and social anxiety disorder
Edited by D. Nutt & J. Ballenger
Lundbeck Institute, 2005
The mandatory core element of all anxiety disorders as maladaptive human behavioural patterns is the occurrence of an anxiety reaction that may vary widely in terms of intensity, frequency, persistence, trigger situations, severity and consequences and other qualifying features.

2. Addressing cultural complexities in practice: Assessment, diagnosis and therapy
Pamela A. Hays
2nd edition, 2008
This book helps readers move beyond one-dimensional conceptualizations of identity to an understanding of the complex, overlapping cultural influences that form each of us. Pamela Hays' "ADDRESSING" framework enables therapists to better recognize and understand cultural influences as a multidimensional combination of Age, Developmental and acquired Disabilities, Religion, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic status, Sexual orientation, Indigenous heritage, Native origin, and Gender.

3. Understanding patient safety
Robert M. Wachter & Kiran Gupta
Third edition, 2018
Understanding Patient Safety is “must read” for those seeking to master the clinical, organizational, and systems issues of patient safety. In this bestselling primer, patient safety pioneer Robert Wachter and Kiran Gupta put all the essential tools and principles at your fingertips.

Articles – PTSD/Anxiety Disorders

4. A review of the economic impact of mental illness
Doran, Christopher M, PhD; Kinchin, Irina, PhD.
Australian Health Review; Collingwood Vol. 43, Iss. 1,  (Feb 2019): 43-48.
: To examine the impact and cost associated with mental illness. Methods. A rapid review of the literature from Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada was undertaken. The review included literature pertaining to the cost-of-illness and impact of mental illness as well as any modelling studies. Included studies were categorised according to impact on education, labour force engagement, earlier retirement or welfare dependency

5. Thinking about negative life events as a mediator between depression and fading affect bias
Marsh, Claire; Hammond, Matthew D; Matthew T Crawford
PLoS One; San Francisco Vol. 14, Iss. 1,  (Jan 2019): e0211147
: The current research examined the links between depressive symptomology and anxiety on the fading of affect associated with positive and negative autobiographical memories. Participants (N = 296) recalled and rated positive and negative events in terms of how pleasant or unpleasant they were at the time they occurred and at the time of event recollection.

6. How to Treat Anxiety Disorders: Guidelines from Australia and New Zealand
Yager, Joel.
NEJM Journal Watch. Psychiatry; Waltham (Dec 14, 2018).
: Various pragmatic approaches can help, including therapies based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, in-person or digitally delivered CBT, medication, and their combination.

7. Mental health outcomes after major trauma in Ontario: a population-based analysis
Evans, Christopher C D, MD MSc; DeWit, Yvonne, MSc; Seitz, Dallas, MD PhD; Mason, Stephanie, MD PhD; Nathens, Avery, MD PhD; et al.
Canadian Medical Association. Journal: CMAJ. 190(45),  (Nov 12, 2018): E1319-E1327.
: Major injury continues to be a common source of morbidity and mortality; improving the functional recovery of survivors of major trauma requires a better understanding of the mental health outcomes that may occur in this population.

8. Disease state management: The anxious person
Roller, Louis;   Gowan, Jenny
AJP: The Australian Journal of Pharmacy, 100(1181), Mar 2019: 71-79
: Anxiety disorders are among the most common conditions seen in medicine yet are often dismissed or misdiagnosed. This article will focus on specific anxiety and related disorders with an emphasis on generalised anxiety syndrome (GAD) and social anxiety (social phobia).

9. Health and wellbeing: Anxious: 8 things that might be making you
O'Connor, Thea
LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal, No. 45, Jun 2018: 54-55
: Is your job making you anxious? Thea O'Connor identifies the sources of anxiety at work

Articles –
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Dec 2018-Feb 2019


10. Perceived barriers and enablers to conducting nursing assessments in residential aged care facilities in Victoria, Australia
Bauer, Michael; Fetherstonhaugh, Deirdre; Winbolt, Margaret
The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Dec 2018-Feb 2019, 36(2)
: Nurses working in aged care facilities need to be adequately prepared to manage the increasingly complex care needs of older people. This paper reports on the views of nurses on the barriers and enablers to conducting nursing assessments with older people in residential aged care.

11. Exploring the experiences of internationally and locally qualified nurses working in a culturally diverse environment
O'Callaghan, Cathy; Loukas, Patty; Brady, Michelle; Perry, Astrid
The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Dec 2018-Feb 2019, 36(2)
This article explores the support needs, attitudes and experiences of both internationally and locally qualified nurses working within a culturally diverse environment.

12. Analysis of interviews to uncover the effects of nurse prescribing on the doctor-nurse relationship
Pritchard, Michael
The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Dec 2018-Feb 2019, 36(2)
: The introduction of nurse prescribing has had a profound effect on how patients obtain a prescription. Yet very little has been researched about the effects of nurse prescribing on the professional relationship between nurses and doctors since its introduction. It was this lack of enquiry that led to this research study to see if this relationship has changed since the introduction of the nurse prescriber.

Journal Table of Contents

Singapore Nursing Journal, Vol. 45, No.3, Sept – December 2018

13A. Editorial: Integrating reflections
13B. Exploring the perceptions of diploma nursing students on feedback: A descriptive qualitative study
13C. Hospital admissions among nursing home residents in Singapore: A retrospective study
13D. A patient advocacy dilemma: is it theory…practice… or an ethics gap? A qualitative analysis
13E. Personal reflection: A journey through leadership in nursing
13F. Guide for authors


14. Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference
Date: 5 - 8 May 2019
Venue: SkyCity Auckland Convention Centre, Auckland
More information:

15. 2019 Nursing Seminar – Burns Injuries
Date: Fri 28th & Sat 29th June 2019
This clinically focused two day seminar is designed to provide Burn Nurses with an opportunity to expand individual knowledge, professional development and ability to provide the best possible care to those affected by burn injury. Those who attend will be able to more critically reflect on current clinical practices

News – National

16. Why you might be having trouble sleeping right now, and what to do about it
Newshub – 18 March 2019
Clinical psychologist Dr Dougal Sutherland says first step is "not to stress out that you're stressed out". In the wake of Friday's terrorist attack on mosques in Christchurch, many Kiwis may be finding it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Days of harrowing news articles, emotional social media posts and tough conversations can leave you feeling anxious and restless at night.

News – International

17. Should women consider giving their body breaks from the pill?
The Age – March 20, 2019
Weight gain, increased risk of breast and cervical cancer, depression, loss of libido, blood clots, even a more “male” brain: these are some of the stated side-effects women may experience from taking the contraceptive pill, Australia's most popular contraceptive and seemingly, one of the most misunderstood.

18. ‘I felt blackmailed’. Heavy handed tactics in aged care industry
Sydney Morning Herald – 18 March 2019
An aged care provider attempted to blackmail the family of a woman who had to go to hospital during a period of respite care, saying it would not take her back unless the family committed her to a permanent place.

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