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Issue 110 - 18 Sept 2009


Library Stand - NZNO Centennial Conference
100 Years Nursing: Past, Present and Future

It was great to meet so many of you at the conference, to celebrate our heritage



1. Framework for action.
by Gray, Jean. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p1
The article reflects upon alcohol abuse and the need to identify, prevent and treat problems related to alcohol. The author explores the increase in alcohol-related problems in Great Britain, the cost to the British National Health Service (NHS) of health problems related to alcohol abuse, and several initiatives by nurses in Belfast and Cardiff to improve public awareness and the management of alcohol problems.

2. NHS offers older nurses higher pension if they carry on working.
by Snow, Tamsin. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p5
The article discusses a change in pensions for older British nurses that provides an option to increase retirement pension by continuing to work until the age of 65. One quarter of National Health Services (NHS) nurses are due to retire within the next decade. The scheme is an attempt to improve staffing and includes increases in salary accrual rate, an option to build a second pension, and pay based on an average of the three best years in the last decade worked.

3. Restart Overseas Recruitment, say NHS Workforce Planners.
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p6
The article discusses the report "Assessment of Workforce Priorities 2009/2010" by the National Health Service (NHS) Workforce Review Team that reviewed nurse staffing levels in Great Britain. The review team suggested recruiting foreign nurses to improve nurse staffing levels. The review team also intends to examine entry-level requirements for nursing.

4. College urges nurses to use European vote
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p6
The article discusses a request to nurses by the British Royal College of Nursing (RCN) to lobby candidates about nursing issues for the European elections. The RCN wants nurses to find out where the candidates stand on the issues and use the vote for candidates who support nursing. The key nursing issues include nurse-patient ratios, work injuries, and the prevention of health-associated infections

5. Whistleblower makes a return to nursing.
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p6
The article presents information on the employment of Karen Reissmann, a British community psychiatric nurse (CPN) and whistleblower. Ms. Reissmann was fired for gross misconduct from Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust after speaking out about staffing cuts in 2007. She has been hired as a CPN by a National Health Service (NHS) trust in Manchester, England.

6. Pressure mounts on staff levels as trusts chase foundation status.
by Snow, Tamsin. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p7
The article discusses nurse staffing levels and healthcare services cuts in National Health Service (NHS) trusts throughout Great Britain and the concern that patient care will be compromised for finance. NHS trusts in Leeds, Plymouth, and Oxford have been affected and cuts are proposed in Northern Ireland. Royal College of Nursing (RCN) representatives comment on the situation.

7. Mid Staffs inquiry calls RCN to give evidence.
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p7
The article discusses the investigation into Mid Staffordshire National Health Service (NHS) Trust patient safety failures by the British Commons Health Committee. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is scheduled to present evidence of the staffing levels and patient safety at the trust. Ben Bradshaw, British health minister, does not believe a public inquiry would improve the situation.

8. Staff with learning difficulties need greater support
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p8
The article discusses nursing disabilities among British nurses and a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) congress resolution to encourage employers to provide for the needs of learning disabled nursing staff. Nursing professionals at the congress comment about learning disabilities in nurses and the effect on patient safety. Will Forster, a learning disabled staff nurse at Leeds Teaching Hospital, explains the effect of his disability on his practice.

9. Gordon Brown orders honours committee to prioritise nurses.
by Dean, Erin. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p9
The article discusses an order from British prime minister Gordon Brown to the honor system committee to give nurses a high priority for honors offered by Great Britain. Brown had pledged at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) congress to reward nurses for their work. Nurses may apply to become an officer, commander, or member of the British Empire. Professionals associated with the honors comment on the recognition of nurses.

10. Appeal for information on D-Day casualty
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p9
The article presents a request for help to find a former patient of Sylvia Ridley, a British nurse during World War II. The wounded German soldier was a patient at Park Prewett Hospital at Basingstoke, Hampshire as a result of injuries received during the Normandy landings in June 1944. The soldier had lost his legs and arms.

11. Student loans could be part of new financial support package
by Snow, Tamsin. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p11
The article discusses proposed changes to the way British nursing student education is funded. The British Department of Health (DH) plans to use a system that combines a bursary and a loan. A consultation will examine the proposed changes during the summer of 2009 and will also consider other options including a minimum wage salary for nursing students. Chris Caldwell, a member of DH, explains the process.

12. Alcohol services benefit from nurse intervention
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p11
The article discusses published evidence that there is a need for nursing services in Great Britain that specialize in alcohol interventions. A report in "Nursing Standards" revealed that 96% of patients receiving treatment for alcohol misuse in a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) project felt the nursing intervention had helped them. A National Health Service (NHS) report claims that one quarter of English adults abuse alcohol.

13. Slowly rebuilding her life, the nurse jailed for a crime she did not commit.
by Waters, Adele. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p12-13
The article discusses the overturning of the conviction of Amanda Jenkinson, a British nurse convicted of causing bodily harm with intent to one of her patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Bassetlaw Hospital in Nottinghamshire, England. The author explores her ordeal in prison and the fight to clear her name. Amanda describes her time in prison, the feelings of isolation and pain she experienced, and the scars caused by imprisonment.

14. Does poor staffing affect job satisfaction and patient care?
by Hurst, Keith. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p14
The article discusses the nurse staffing levels of British National Health Service (NHS) trusts and the effect staffing has on the quality of patient care. The author compares data from the NHS Information Centre and the Healthcare Commission quality data for April 2009. The data showed that trusts rated high for quality patient care have fewer beds per 100 nurses than trusts that are rated lower in quality of patient care.

15. Heavy drinkers face high risk of contracting essential tremor.
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p16
The article discusses essential tremor and a study on its relationship to alcohol consumption. A group of people age 65 years and older in Spain took part in the population-based study. The study found the association between essential tremor and alcohol increased with the increase in the number of drink-years. A drink-year was defined by the study as one drink of alcohol per day/year.

16. Clinical digest.
Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p16-17
The article discusses studies published in other journals. A study in 2009 in the "British Medical Journal" analyzed the effectiveness of a cigarette cessation program using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). A British study published in the "Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine" in 2009 examined trends in eczema incidence and patient care. A study published in "Occupational and Environmental Medicine" in 2009 looked at the association of work environment and mental health.

17. Flexible friends.
by Davis, Carol. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p18-19
The article discusses the demand for nurse specialists in home-based care in Great Britain. Penny Streeter, founder of the home care agency Ambition 24hours, explains the reasons nurse specialists are needed in home care and the benefits for nurses and families. Home care nurses Katie Randall and Georgina Hill describe aspects of their work.

18. Caring in troubled times.
by Kendall-Raynor, Petra. Nursing Standard, 27/5/2009, Vol 23 Issue 38: p20-22
The article discusses a debate at the British Royal College of Nursing (RCN) congress on the quality of care in Great Britain during an economic recession. Anne Marie Rafferty, Florence Nightingale school of nursing and midwifery dean, spoke of the nurse's role, the dangers of focusing on finance, and the need for moral courage. Jocelyn Cornwall, point of care director for the King's fund, argued that quality need not be compromised in tough economic times.

Journals – Table of Contents

19. Australian & New Zealand Continence Journal, 01/09/2009, Vol 15 Issue 3
19A. Pelvic floor muscle exercises for prolapse? [by Dietz, Hans Peter]
19B. Treatment of enuresis: alarm monotherapy versus a multi-modal treatment approach in a multi-disciplinary clinic [by Caldwell, Patrina et al]
19C. Assessment and conservative management of post-prostatectomy incontinence after radical prostatectomy [by Nahon, Irmina]
19D. Warwick Bruen - An obituary is presented for Warwick Bruen of the Continence Foundation of Australia. [by Fonda, David]
19E. Pelvic Floor re-education - Principles and Practice [by Lavis, Eileen]
19F. Continence Aids Payment scheme (CAPs)
19G. New projects at the national Office [The article mentions two grants in Australia for health education programs, the Chronic Disease Self-management in Remote Australia and the Chronic Disease Self-management Nurse Advisor]
19H. 2008-09 wrap up of Everybody's Business [The article mentions the Continence Awareness and Support Project's educational event called Every Body's Business which is sponsored by the Department of Health and Ageing in Australia]
19I. Continence education in remote Australia
19J. ANFC News [The article mentions the mission of the non-profit professional organization Australian Nurses for Continence (ANFC), its website at, and other ANFC news. Nurse practitioners Michelle Paul and Lorraine Dickson, who work at the Hunter New England Area Health Service in New South Wales, are profiled
19K. New Zealand News [The article offers health and education news from New Zealand. "Knowing someone else cares" will be the theme of Continence Awareness week which will be observed during September 7-12, 2009]

20. Nutrition & Dietetics, 01/09/2008, Vol 65 Issue 3
20A. From the Editor [The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including one by Cobiac on child nutrition surveys and another by Margarey on the evidences for practice in both prevention and treatment]
20B. Eating, drinking, activity, overweight and obesity, supplement use—do we really know what Australians are eating and doing? [By Cobaic, Lynne]
20C. Childhood obesity epidemic: further evidence but it's action that we need [By Magarey, Anthea]
20D. Higher prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity in association with gender and socioeconomic status in the Hunter region of New South Wales
20E. Eating habits of young offenders on community orders and associations with overweight and obesity
20F. New Zealand children's dietary intakes during school hours
20G. Teeth for life? Aspects of oral health status influencing the nutrition of older adults
20H. Meeting patient needs in the hospital setting— are written nutrition education resources too hard to understand?
20I. Is there adequate feeding assistance for the hospitalised elderly who are unable to feed themselves?
20J. Dietitians Association of Australia 25th National Conference: Lecture in Honour of Johanna Coy
20K. Health and environmental benefits of the CSIRO total wellbeing diet
20L. Nutrition and disability
20M. Public Health Nutrition, from Principles to Practice
20N. Eat to Beat Cholesterol
20O. Future Events [A calendar of events for Japan and Australia in 2008-2009 is presented which include the "15th International Congress of Dietetics," "World Congress on Oils and Fats & 28th ISF Conference," and "Nutritional Society of Australia National Conference]

21. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Audiology, 01/05/2009, Vol 31 Issue 1
21A. Guest Editorial [The article discusses various reports published within the issue, including one by Julie Tann, Wayne Wilson and colleagues on the progress towards Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening, one by Nuala Beahan on high frequency pure tone audiometry in children, and one by Xiaolu Li on the use of a questionnaire to screen for hearing loss in school children in China]
21B. Progress Towards Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening: A World Review
21C. High Frequency (1000 HZ) Tympanometry Findings in Newborns: Normative Data Using a Component Compensated Admittance Approach
21D. Test–Retest Reliability of Acoustic Reflex Test in 6-Week-Old Healthy Infants
21E. High Frequency Pure Tone Audiometry (8–16 kHz) in Children: A Normative Study
21F. Investigating the Performance of a Questionnaire for Hearing Screening of Schoolchildren in China
21G. Electronics and Instrumentation for Audiologists

Conferences, training and seminars

22. Living in an Ageing Society
New Zealand Association of Gerontology and Age Concern New Zealand Conference
Date: 7 to 9 October 2009
Venue: Wellington, New Zealand
More information:

23. 20th Asia Pacific Social Work Conference
The first joint Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and the Asia Pacific Association for Social Work Education (APASWE)

Date: 11 to 13 November 2009
Venue: Auckland, New Zealand
24. International Workshop on Mechatronics in Medicine and Health

Date: 07 Dec 2009 → 08 Dec 2009; Wellington, New Zealand
Organizer: School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University
Abstract: The International Workshop on Mechatronics in Medicine and Health (MMH’09) will be held at the Wellington campus of Massey University on December 7 - 8, 2009. This is the first specialist Mechatronics workshop sponsored by the Mechatronics Forum, the IET and Massey University. The workshop will focus on all aspects of Mechatronics theory, systems and devices applicable to any area of medicine and healthcare. There will be a separate track for clinical program where clinical practices and experiences are presented.
More information:

News – National

25. Porirua patients can sue
Dominion Post - 17th Sep 2009
The Supreme Court says some former psychiatric patients will be allowed to sue the Government over allegations they were abused in the 1970s.

26. $400m hospital plan
Christchurch Press - 17th Sep 2009
Christchurch is set to get a new hospital worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The proposal includes dedicated cancer and children's facilities in one of Canterbury's biggest construction projects.

27. Tony Ryall
The beehive - 16 September, 2009
Health Minister's speech to NZNO Centennial Conference

28. Diabetes services in disarray
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party 

Scoop - Wednesday, 16 September 2009
Health cuts are now impacting across the spectrum for all health services associated with diabetes, Labour Health spokesperson Ruth Dyson says

29. Celebrating 100 Years of Nursing Organisation
Scoop - 15 September 2009
Nurses should wear their brains, not their hearts, on their sleeves, according to United States health care commentator and award-winning journalist Suzanne Gordon who will be presenting as the keynote speaker at NZNO’s centennial conference on September 16.

News - International

30. Canada H1N1 flu kits 'include body bags'
Sydney Morning Herald - September 17, 2009 
Native leaders in Canada said they were "horrified" after receiving body bags from health officials as part of Canada's swine flu preparedness kits.

31. Hornsby hospital budget cut 'incorrect'
Sydney Morning Herald - September 17, 2009
NSW Health Minister Carmel Tebbutt has denied reports the budget of a Sydney hospital described as "medieval" has been cut by $9 million.



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