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Issue 133 - 30 April 2010


1. Welcome
by Sylvester, Julie. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p1
The article discusses a report within the issue about multiple sclerosis (MS).

2. A step closer to clarity
by Aston, Jenny. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol. 20 Issue 2: p3
The article reports that the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) advanced nurse practitioner (ANP) forum in Great Britain is pushing for the regulation of nurses based on RCN's ANP competencies. According to the author, the regulation of nurses aims to ensure patient safety and resolve patient confusion. Dickon Weir-Hughes, chief executive of the Nursing and Midwifery Council has also expressed support for the regulation of advanced nurse practitioners.

3. Improved access to high quality services in Scotland
Primary Health Care
, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p4
The article reports that the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Scotland is asking general practitioners (GP) to acknowledge the value of primary care nurses. According to the author, primary care nurses should be the first point of contact for people requesting general practice appointments. Theresa Fyffe, director of RCN Scotland said that practice nurses and nurse practitioners should be allowed to provide the same care during the day to boost the access of patients to primary care services.

4. In brief
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p4
This section offers medical news briefs in Great Britain. A guide in administering insulin pump therapy has been developed to help diabetes nurse specialists. The National Health Service Breast Screening Programme has detected 14,200 cases of cancer in 2008 to 2009. A vaccine against strains of pneumococcal bacteria is introduced into the childhood immunisation programme.

5. Women urged to consult midwives
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p5
The article reports that the Pregnant? Tell Me campaign has been launched in Scotland to urge women to make an appointment with a midwife as soon as they find out that they are pregnant.

6. Prime minister fails to keep prescription charge promise
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p5
The article reports that Great Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown has failed to keep his promise to abolish prescription charges in England for people with long-term conditions.

7. Pilot to improve access to eye health and sight loss services
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p5
The article reports that Worcestershire, North Essex and North of Tyne has been chosen to be the pilot regions for Great Britain's Department of Health project to coordinate eye health and sight loss services.

8. Weight management programme launched for obese children
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p5
The article announces the launch of a community weight management programme for overweight and obese children.

9. Telehealth monitoring system enables independent living
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p5
The article features the Telehealth home monitoring system introduced by the National Health Service (NHS) Blackpool and Blackpool Council's Vitaline centre in Great Britain.

10. Falls specialist nurse achieves results
by Duffin, Christian. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p6-7
The article reports that Lynn Sutcliffe has succeeded in her role as a community falls matron. According to the author, the community falls matron post held by Sutcliffe, has prevented 83 admissions and saved money since 2006. Furthermore, Sutcliffe has also trained other primary care trust workers in falls prevention.

11.Tackling alcohol misuse in the community
by Mannhart, Jay. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p7-8
The article discusses the Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) scheme in England. ASSIST, which is funded by the Liverpool Primary Care Trust, helps address alcohol-related health problems and aims to educate and engage communities about the long-term health and social risk of alcohol abuse. ASSIST assesses drinking habits using a short screening questionnaire on a one-to-one basis and provides help in accessing
alcohol support services.

12. Mother and carer
by Cameron, Judith. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p10
The author discusses her experience after her daughter Sophie got ill. According to the author, she learned the value of care workers to her family when her family suffered because of her daughter's illness. She also learned the importance of friends who helped her took care of her other children. When her daughter died, she realized the value of being alive.

13. Striking the right note on outcome measures
by Siviter, Bethann. Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p11
The article asserts that the Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) can be expressed into a numerical value.

14. Noticeboard
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p12
This section offers medical news briefs in Great Britain. Healthcare professionals are being encouraged to register children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to claim a free Digital Video Disc (DVD) starter pack. The Equality Bill is expected to make discrimination of anyone aged 18 and over in carrying out public functions as unlawful. A competition with a 500 British pounds prize for critical appraisal of clinical research protocols by nursing and midwifery students is being held by HealthWatch.

15. Research news
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p13
This section offers health news briefs. Research suggests that the intake of Vitamin D with calcium reduces the risk of bone fracture. A qualitative study was done and showed that patients are concerned about the knowledge of nurses in prescribing medication. Information about the side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) needs to be disseminated.

16. Research focus
Primary Health Care, Mar 2010, Vol 20 Issue 2: p14

Abstract: This section offers health research news briefs. A review was done to validate if driving assessments preserve transport mobility and reduce motor vehicle accidents for drivers with dementia. A study showed that obese drivers are more likely to become fatigued while driving compared to non-obese drivers. A survey was done to see the relationship between ethnicity and road safety.

Journals - Table of Contents

17. From Employment Today, May 2010, Issue 146
No time for complacency [by Employers]
17B. Shift in sentiment towards Kiwisaver; Asians adopt European names in hunt for jobs; Survey points to retention as key concern
17C. Employers rate migrant workers well; let sleeping blogs lie
17D. Work notes; EEO trust calls for entries; salaries set to rise for finance staff
17E. Employees seeking new challenges; Recession boosts employee loyalty; Work notes
17F. Women miss out on top jobs; Job interviews go to the dogs; Something smells; Great expectations; 'Elf and safety' gone mad; Homework paradox
17G. Don't miss the bus [Sometimes people take it in their heads to rub each other up the wrong way]
17H. Michael Peters, National HR Manager, Quality Bakers New Zealand, Auckland
17I. Testing their mettle [Staff turnover isn't an issue for Rotorua machinery maker Hayes International]
17J. Workplace conflict [The signs of a brewing conflict, and what to do about them]
17K. Death knell or not for Strategic HR? [Working as the executioner's assistant is a vital role for HR, but could it also sound the death knell for strategic HR?]
17L. Work perks really work [The role of employee benefits]
17M. The risky business of  executive remuneration
17N. Auditing employment reward systems
17O. Guiding employees on workplace savings
17P. Is your organisation socially adjusted [What happens when social networking sites are misused]
17Q. Leading change [Change leadership is more important than ever]

Conferences, Training, Seminars

18. Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference
15-16 June 2010
Venue: Skycity Convention Centre
More information:

19. Emergency Nursing Provincial Style:Challenging Boundaries, Defying Odds 
19 to 21 August 2010
Venue: Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand
Contact name: Karen Walker

Latest News and Issues - Ministry of Health

20. •23 Apr: Customary Tattooing Guidelines for Operators

21. •23 Apr: Ta'iala mo Tufuga Ta Tatau a Samoa

22. •15 Apr, 2010: Te Ariari o te Oranga: The Assessment and Management of People with Co-existing Mental Health and substance Use Problems 2010

23. •15 Apr, 2010: Service Delivery for People with Co-existing Mental Health and Addiction Problems - Integrated Solutions 2010

24. •15 Apr, 2010: Guidance for Improving Supportive Care for Adults with Cancer in New Zealand

News – National

25. Australia's tobacco tax to go up 25% tonight
TVNZ - 29 April, 2010
The tax on cigarettes in Australia will rise by 25% from midnight, as part of the federal government's crackdown on smoking. The government will also force tobacco companies to use plain packaging from July 1, 2012. Australia's move comes a day after the New Zealand government enacted a bill under urgency to put in place a 10% increase in tobacco excise duty , effective at midnight Wednesday. And it signalled two more 10% rises will follow in 2011 and 2012.

26. Tobacco price hike wins praise and big majority
NZPA - 29 April, 2010
A packet of 20 cigarettes is going to cost about $11 after overwhelming support in parliament for a stiff tobacco tax increase which is being greeted with a chorus of praise from anti-smoking lobby groups. A bill enacted under urgency on a vote of 118-4 has put in place a 10% increase in tobacco excise duty, which was effective at midnight. Two more 10% rises will follow in January and at the beginning of 2012.

27. New clinic boosts fight with diabetes
Eastern Courier - 28 April, 2010
Knowledge is power when it comes to tackling a "colossal" health problem. A new approach will ensure nursing students have an in-depth understanding of diabetes, one of the area's most prevalent health problems. Patients will attend a clinic at the Manukau Institute of Technology nursing school, where health professionals will treat them. Students will have extra opportunities to be involved.

28. Review finds busy hospital ED can do more
Gisborne Herald - 27 April, 2010
THE Gisborne Hospital emergency department is stretched at times as it treats up to 19,000 patients a year in a facility that is more than 20 years old. While the ED consistently meets the national target of having all patients seen to and transferred, admitted or discharged within six hours, a review of the department has found it can do more. Surgical clinical care group manager Jason Ward said the hospital was looking at what changes could go ahead.

News - International

29. Means test 'would poison health reforms' April 30, 2010 
The Age - 30 April, 2010
Linking the national health reforms with means testing of the private health insurance rebate would be a "poison pill", Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says. Labor will next month try a third time to have the Senate pass legislation to means test the 30 per cent private health insurance rebate.

30. New cancer test cuts deaths by 40 per cent
The Telegraph - 28 April 2010
A breakthrough in the detection and treatment of bowel cancer has been signalled with the development of a new screening test which can cut deaths from the disease by up to 40 per cent.



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