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DHB MECA 2017  

MECA bargaining update 14 July 2017

A BIG THANKYOU from your MECA negotiating team for all your support and the fabulous cakes and "We're Worth It!" activities


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Further negotiations are planned for 25 and 26 July, 7 and 8 August and 23 and 24 August.

All going well we hope to report back to members sometime in October and be in the position to bring back a proposed collective agreement for ratification. Your MECA negotiating team's role is to get the best deal possible for members. You will then collectively decide whether or not to accept any proposed MECA. We will let you know when we are close to completing the negotiation process.


Nurses are worth more!


It is still early days. Your MECA team is presenting evidence in support of your issues which were endorsed by NZNO members in May. We need to hear more from the DHB representatives about their financial situation. We can then begin the complex process of assessing how available funds could best deliver for NZNO members and their patients.

On 5 and 6 July we agreed to up-dating and improving some clauses (without changing your entitlements) so they are consistent with legal requirements.


Support from St John


On Monday 17 July the CCDM governance group (which includes CE representatives and DHB representatives) will meet with representatives from NZNOs negotiating team. We will also be supported by members of the NZNO senior management team. This process is to explore solutions for the member-identified #1 issue - safe staffing/CCDM. A professional facilitator will assist with the process and we anticipate that proposed outcomes or recommendations from that forum will go back to the MECA negotiating team for consideration.


Most important issues


In preparation for 25 and 26 July we are developing draft terms of reference for the pay equity negotiations, including agreed timeframes. This is a pay equity claim for all occupational groups covered by the current MECA. This process will occur beyond the MECA negotiations and is in addition to our goal for a fair pay increase/pay relativity in these negotiations. Look out for the next issue of Kai Tiaki which will detail NZNO's pay equity strategy.

For the week of 25 July your delegates will have information for you soon on the key bargaining issues endorsed by and circulated to members at the start of this process. We also want to hear from your team about the best campaign ideas you'd like to see happen nationally. We'll pick some of these to share in later campaign updates.

Kia kaha,

Your NZNO DHB MECA campaign team


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