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Time to celebrate our new MECA

From 24 August, you started work under your new and improved collective agreement.

The new MECA delivers a 2% pay rise, backdated from the 6th of July, and a further 2% in July next year and other improvement. This is an achievement to be proud of in such a difficult bargaining environment. Employment law changes, DHB underfunding, and economic factors like low inflation didn’t stop us improving a bad offer from the DHBs. This deal would not have happened without you. Your activism during bargaining and mediation pushed us over the line.

Now it’s time to celebrate all our hard work.

From 7-11 September your organiser will be arranging meetings for members to enjoy a break together. Get in touch with your organiser and other delegates to find the best time.

You can take the opportunity to acknowledge members for their participation in the campaign too. For example, you could give accolades for the best purple outfit, the best cake, the person who got the most members to meetings or the flashest noticeboard. Let your imagination run wild – there’s plenty to celebrate.

Click here to download a meeting notice and start spreading the word!

Thank you for your contribution to our new MECA.

Your leadership at work is what makes NZNO strong.