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Our (work) future is in your hands!

Kia ora koutou katoa

We have received a new offer from the DHBs for our MECA and we are holding meetingsaround the country for NZNO members to vote on whether to accept it or not.

We’re emailing to encourage you and your colleagues to attend the upcoming ratification meetings.

We can’t stress enough how vital this is; even more so than last time. As you’ll realise, the result of these ratification meetings impact on every single NZNO member.

Please help us get maximum turnout to meetings by talking to your colleagues and friends and letting them know their vote counts.

We are a democratic organisation, and democracy works best when everyone participates!

Voting on a collective agreement can only take place in person, at meetings. This is a requirement of the NZNO constitution.

NZNO is required to make every effort to provide clear, informative information prior to the voting. This is to enable  members to make an informed decision.  A members bulletin is provided ahead of the meetings. The bulletin is publically available, however information which is intended only for members is provided at the ratification meetings including a full explanation of the negotiating teams recommendations and the potential consequences of voting outcome. 

Multiple meetings are run at each DHB and our team works with delegates on the best times that are most likely to enable members to attend.

Details of the meetings are here: If you can’t make it to a meeting in your area, you are most welcome to attend any other meeting, anywhere that suits.

Thank you, in anticipation of your attendance!
Lesley Harry
Industrial adviser for the DHB sector