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10 years of our MECA! Quiz

1.   When was the first national DHB MECA negotiated? 
      a)    1904        b) 2004         c) 2010


2.   How many people signed the 2004 petition calling for fair pay for nurses?  
      a)    26,000         b) 101,000        c) 125,000


3.   How many months did it take to negotiate the very first national DHB MECA? 
      a)    5 months        b) 7 months        c) 12 months 


4.   On average, how much was the pay increase that NZNO members received in that MECA? 
      a)    10%        b) 15%            c) 20% 


5.   Why was the 2004 Fair Pay campaign successful? 
      a)    A great bargaining team
      b)    A government worried that NZNO members would take strike action
      c)    A unified membership who were committed to getting the outcome they deserved


6.   What was the average salary for a new grad nurse before the 2004 MECA? 
      a)    $30,000        b) $35,000        c) $37,000


7.   What is a level 1 nurse paid now?
    a)    $43,456         b) $45,324        c) $47,528


8.    How many NZNO members are covered by our current MECA? 
      a)    10,000         b) 20,000        c) 26,000


9.   Name three things we’re negotiating in the 2015 DHB MECA


10.   What can you do to get a good deal in 2015? 
       a)    Attend meetings and get your colleagues to attend as well
       b)    Talk with your colleagues about the importance of our MECA, especially those who have been working in the DHB for less than 10 years
       c)    Be prepared to participate in collective action; it could be anything from signing a petition, going on a march or talking to politicians about your work

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