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NZNO Nurse Managers New Zealand

The Nurse Managers New Zealand (NMNZ) Section was developed following interest expressed at a Duty Managers conferences in recent years.

The inaugural Annual General Meeting was held at the Duty Managers Conference in Napier, September 2005.

Nurse Managers New Zealand: professional providers of clinical management and integral members of the nursing workforce and the health service management team.

It is anticipated that membership will appeal to a wide variety of nurse managers and leaders.

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Professional providers of clinical management and integral members of the nursing workforce and the health service management team.


  • The Nurse Managers New Zealand Section is a professional section of NZNO dedicated to sound nursing management and leadership to:
  • Positively influence health outcome for patients and families
  • Positively influence nursing infrastructure
  • Provide leadership, support and development for nurses
  • Meet organisational needs
  • The section brings together duty & clinical nurse managers and leaders to foster support, sharing, problem solving, professional development and advocacy.


  • To be the recognised professional organisation of all duty & clinical nurse managers in New Zealand.
  • To recruit nurses practising, identifying with, and/or interested in clinical management and leadership to belong to the NZNO Nurse Managers Section.
  • To practice within the protection, partnership and participation principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • To provide a communications network for all members including regular newsletters, conferences and disseminating information on issues pertaining to clinical nurse management.
  • To liaise with appropriate authorities on social and health issues relevant to clinical nurse and hospital management.
  • To encourage, promote and provide the development of educational programmes/seminars for duty & clinical nurse managers.
  • To encourage and support research into duty & clinical management issues for nurses.
  • To actively facilitate the ongoing strategic and professional development of duty & clinical nurse managers in conjunction with NZNO and appropriate health authorities.
  • To promote duty & clinical nurse management and increase the profile of duty & clinical nurse managers.
  • To communicate and liaise with other organisations at a national and international level.
  • To support the objectives, policy and activities of NZNO. 

Our Logo

In this stylised octopus the eight tentacles represent different dimensions of our diverse roles throughout New Zealand.

  • Leadership
  • Clinical Practice
  • Management and Co-ordination of Services
  • Communication
  • Staff and Resource support
  • Risk Management
  • Bereavement Care
  • Emergency response.

Each tentacle is an integral/interwoven part of the whole. The body and head represent the skills and knowledge required by the roles:

  • ‘Expert’ knowledge and experience
  • Decisive and resourceful problem solvers
  • Ability to prioritise and respond appropriately in stressful situations
  • Sensitive to cultural issues in providing service
  • Ability to listen to others and to communicate in a positive and open manner
  • Proven organisational and leadership skills
  • A fun option to consider

Like the Octopus, Nurses Managers New Zealand:

  • need more than one pair of hands to keep your ‘finger of the pulse of the hospital’ and multitask
  • often work in darkness (After Hours duties)
  • octopodes (like Nurse Managers) learn to problem solve by trial-and-error and experience
  • once the problem is solved, octopodes remember and are able to solve it and similar problems repeatedly
  • A sense of humour being an essential skill for people in our positions to possess!



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