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Shout Out for Health

'Shout out for health' is the NZNO member-led campaign for a fully funded public health system. Member-leaders around the country are ready to talk about how health underfunding is affecting their work, their patients, and their communities.

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2016-11-10 Wellington Shout Out For Health Member Leaders

Wellington member leaders on the Shout Out programme


The Council of Trade Unions has previously estimated that health is underfunded by over $1 Billion dollars at the last Government Budget, relative to 2009 funding levels, and now puts that figure at over $1.8 Billion. This is affecting patient access to basic health services that we have taken for granted in New Zealand. It also means that health staff are working harder and longer hours, with less time for patient care and in less safe environments as our health services struggle to provide the same level of services that they used to.

A big part of the reason for this is growing health need. New Zealanders are getting older and requiring more care, plus our population is growing, and people are experiencing more illness that's not prevented by public health services. Nurses, Caregivers, Health Care Assistants, Midwives and Kaiāwhina are ready to speak out about health underfunding, because the public has a right to know what is happening to the healthcare we all collectively own.


2017-01-24 Christchurch Shout Out For Health Member Leaders

Christchurch member leaders on the Shout Out programme


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