United States

Information for New Zealand nurses wishing to work in the United States of America.

To be able to work in the United States, the first requirement is possession of the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) exam.

This is designed to establish your competence and assess your ability to comprehend English. Successful completion of the exam can allow a nurse to practice, supervised for a limited period, before facing the next hurdle, the NCLEX-RN, or State Board exams. In most states the CGFNS is an entry requirement for the State Board exam.


To obtain a booklet containing information about the exam, where to apply and where you can sit it etc, either call the American Embassy or write to:

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools

3600 Market Street
Suite 400
Pennsylvania 19104-2651
PH: (215) 349-8767 Fax: (215) 662 0425
Email: support@cgfns.org
Web: www.cgfns.org

Professional Associations

American Nurses Association
600 Maryland Ave SW,
Suite 100 West,
Washington DC
PH: (202) 651-7000
Fax: (202) 651-7001
Web: www.nursingworld.org

National League for Nursing

61 Broadway
New York
NY 10006 #3 Floor
PH: (212) 363-5555
Fax: (212) 812-0393
Website: www.nln.org

National Federation for Speciality Nursing Organisations

East Holly Ave
Box 56
New Jersey 08071-0056
PH: (609) 256 2333
Fax: (609) 589 7463 

American Nurses Credentialling Centre

600 Maryland Avenue, SW
Suite 100 West
Washington DC 20024
Ph: 202 651 7000 

Boards of Nursing

United States Boards of nursing current addresses, phone and fax numbers are available on the Internet:
National Council of State Boards of Nursing.