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Updated Disability Action Plan 2014-2018

The Office of Disability (the Office) are undertaking a second consultation round to review the priorities and actions in the Disability Action Plan 2014-2018.  Many of the issues that have been raised by disabled people do not clearly lie within the responsibility of any one government agency or non-government organisation. For these issues, more than one agency needs to be involved to add value and address the issue. The Plan provides leadership and a coordination mechanism to help progress working together on these issues.

There are other actions important to disabled people being led by a single government agencies. These single agency led actions are not included in the Plan. The Office for Disability Issues will develop a separate process to ensure visibility and monitoring of these single agency led actions in early 2016.

Feedback Due: Please send feedback to Jill Clendon by 2 November 2015

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ACC Proposed Quality Indicator Measures

ACC is considering adding new Quality Indicator measures to the next Elective Surgery contracts and we want to make sure that what we’re proposing is aligned with what our member organisations may already have in place. We’d also like to know if you can see any issues with what we’re proposing before we confirm which measures to include.

Currently ACC has limited visibility of the quality of Elective Services being provided by our elective surgery vendors and providers. The reporting measures in the current elective surgery contract need updating. To support our drive for continuous quality improvement, we need assurance that patient safety is being monitored and reported on and that we are purchasing quality services.

Attached are 14 proposed quality indicators we compiled based on advice and discussions with the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission, along with information from the New Zealand Private Hospital Surgical Association and a sample of Australian hospitals

We’ve also attached two sets of questions. The first is to seek your comments on the Quality Indicators and the second is to ask about current practices of some of your member organisations.

Feedback due: Please send feedback to Jill Clendon at by 2 November 2015

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Parental leave and contract hours bill

Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave and Work Contact Hours) Amendment Bill: Private members bill  to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. This bill adds provisions around work contact hours, where working parents are entitled to the flexibility of returning to work for a certain amount of time during the parental leave period without losing their entitlement to paid parental leave.

Note: NZNO supports the ’26 for babies’ campaign

Feedback Due: Please send feedback to Marilyn Head by 23 October 2015

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MOH - Draft Pharmacy Action Plan

The Pharmacy Action Plan describes the future direction of pharmacy services and the range of settings in which these might be delivered, with an emphasis on a more multi-disciplinary approach and better integration of pharmacy within the health and disability system. It identifies five focus areas and specific actions to be implemented over the next three to five years.

The Pharmacy Action Plan:

  • defines how the pharmacy sector can work in partnership with other health professionals.
  • identifies actions that will contribute to better use of the pharmacy workforce delivering services as part of a highly functioning, patient centred, fully integrated health team
  • increases the emphasis on new models of pharmacy care being provided more flexibly and in a broader range of settings.
  • has a focus on better use of technology and information systems.

The consultation draft and submission form can be accessed on the Ministry’s consultation page:

Feedback Due: Please send feedback to Marilyn Head by November 6, 2015.

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Petition of Hon Maryan Street and 8,974 others – Medically assisted dying in the event of a terminal illness or an irreversible condition which makes life unbearable – request for a change to an exist

The Health Select Committee has been asked to investigate fully public attitudes towards the introduction of legislation which would permit medically-assisted dying in the event of a terminal illness or an irreversible condition which makes life unbearable. The petition asks for a change to existing law.

In order to fully understand public attitudes the committee will consider all the various aspects of the issue, including the social, legal, medical, cultural, financial, ethical, and philosophical implications.

The Committee will investigate:

1. The factors that contribute to the desire to end one’s life.

2. The effectiveness of services and support available to those who desire to end their own lives.

3. The attitudes of New Zealanders towards the ending of one's life and the current legal situation. 4. International experiences.

Feedback due: Please send any feedback to by the 11 December 2015

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Commissioning Framework for Mental Health and Addiction

The Ministry of Health is currently consulting on their commissioning framework for mental health and addiction.

The framework provides guidance and direction for those who are responsible for commissioning care to improve outcomes for mental health and addiction.

The framework covers commissioning for the full range of publicly funded care, including health promotion, primary, specialist, district health board and non-governmental organisation care.

The framework:

  • identifies the parts of the current system that need to be more flexible and which parts need to be tightened;

  • addresses the three components of the Triple Aim;

  • demonstrates the need to continually revise and adapt approaches to ensure responsiveness to changing population need.

The draft framework is available here:

There are also opportunities to attend face to face meetings to gain further information and provide feedback:

15th October

9am – 12pm



16th October

9am – 12pm


Riccarton Park, Phar Lap room, 165 Racecourse Rd, Broomfield, Christchurch

21st October

9am – 12pm


Ministry of Health, G.01 room, Freyberg Building, 20 Aitken St, Thorndon, Wellington

29th October

9am – 12pm


Ministry of Health, Rangitoto room,  Level 3, Unisys Building, 650 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland

Feedback Due: Please send your feedback to Leanne Manson at  (phone 0800283848) by October 23rd 2015

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Guidelines for writing a reflection


FROM Jill Clendon – Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher

Feedback to Jill Clendon Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher
by Monday 2nd November 2015

NZNO is committed to the representation of members and the promotion of nursing and midwifery. NZNO provides professional leadership and advice in a range of areas.

Members are on occasion asked to write a reflection as part of a learning process and there are many approaches to this. The NZNO Guidelines for Writing a Reflection have been developed in conjunction with staff and members to provide a straightforward approach to writing a reflection.

We are seeking your feedback on the guidelines and invite you to please forward this to Jill Clendon by Monday 2nd November at

Further enquiries to:
Jill Clendon
Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher
Ph 03 546 3941 or 0800 28 38 48

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Ministry of Primary Industries Total Diet Survey

The Ministry of Primary Industries is undertaking a survey of the New Zealand diet and are seeking feedback on their plan. The draft plan includes discussion on the objectives of the study, the priority chemicals to be surveyed, key foods to be sampled, the simulated diet approach, and a proposed timeframe. As part of the process, MPI wants to know whether: the list of chemicals proposed for analysis is sufficient; changes should be made to the key foods list; there are any population groups which are missing; and if there is any new data on infants, children and adolescents to help inform the simulated diets.

The link to the draft document is available here: 2016 NZ Total Diet Study.

The consultation submission form can be found in Appendix One of the consultation document.

Submissions are due by 5pm, Monday 12 October 2015, and can be emailed directly to:

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Employment Standards Legislation Bill

Transport and Industrial Relations Committee

Employment Standards Legislation Bill

This is an omnibus bill amending 5 statutes relating to employment relations—employment standards:

  • the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Amendment Act 1987 (PPL),
  • the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2000,
  • the Holidays Act 2003,
  • the Minimum Wage Amendment Act 1983 and
  • the Wages Protection Amendment Bill 1983.

It is being progressed very rapidly on the back of changes to PPL announced in the budget which have to be made. NZNO does not support aggregating significant changes to employment legislation, which need time to be fully considered. Changes to PPL have been well signaled and consulted on, but other changes, such as those that effectively legitimize “zero hours” contracts have not. We urge members to consider the bill carefully and welcome your comments and feedback. Find links to the legislation, the bills digest (a summary) and parliamentary debates here.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to or ph 04 494 6372 by 10 October 2015

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PHARMAC discussion document on distribution and supply of vaccines in primary care

PHARMAC is reviewing the way in which it distributes and supplies vaccines to primary care. The changes are intended to improve access to vaccines.

The discussion document is available here:

Please consider the impacts of any proposed changes on your practice or access for your clients to vaccines.

Feedback due: Please send your comments to Marilyn Head by Monday October 26 at or phone 04 4946372 or 0800 283 848.

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NZNO Legislation and Regulation Policy Framework

NZNO is committed to the representation of members and the promotion of nursing and midwifery. NZNO provides professional leadership and advice in a range of areas including legislation and regulation.

In 2011, NZNO published 2020 and Beyond: A Vision for Nursing, establishing the parameters for future work in each of the areas of the vision. As a result, in 2012, 2013 and 2014, NZNO consulted on and published its education and models of care policy frameworks.

This next phase of the work involves developing two further policy frameworks: Legislation and Regulation; and Employment. You will find the draft policy framework on Legislation and Regulation below.

Our intention is to consult widely – we have completed consultation with NZNO member groups and are now seeking feedback from other nursing and health professional groups and the wider public.

We are seeking your feedback on the draft policy framework. In particular, we are interested in your feedback on the following points:


  • Are there any gaps or is there too much content?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the statements or the order in which they are presented?

Action points

  • Do you support these?
  • Do you have any recommendations for further or amended action points?

Please feel free to give feedback directly withinn the framework document itself using Track Changes, or to print out, write in pen, then scan and email or post if this is easier. All comments and feedback are warmly welcomed no matter how small or large.

Please forward your feedback on the policy by Thursday 8th October 2015 to or post to PO Box 1195, Nelson 7040

Enquiries to:
Jill Clendon
Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher
Ph 03 546 3941 or 0800 28 38 48

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Update to the Disability Action Plan

The Office for Disability Issues is running a public consultation on behalf of the Disabled People’s Organisations and government agencies involved with the Disability Action Plan. It is the first time they have consulted the community as part of a Plan update, which will now happen every year.

We have an opportunity to provide feedback on priorities and actions in the Disability Action Plan.

Unfortunately there is a very tight turn-around for this request with feedback due to the Office for Disability Issues on September 22nd.

NZNO has requested an extension to the due date but this was declined. We will be making a brief submission and encourage you to also do the same directly at:

Disability Action Plan 2014-2018

Please send comments to by 22 September, 2015.

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Health Practitioners (Statutory References to Medical Practitioners) Amendment Bill

This omnibus bill amends 7 statutes to increase the range of functions formerly restricted to medical practitioners that may be performed by health practitioners.

It will remove some longstanding barriers to NPs and RN practice, specifically with regard to death, work, injury certification, and prescribing. Implementation will be a further two years after enactment. A brief summary is available below, and the link to the legislation, bills digest and debates is here:

NZNO is particularly interested in your feedback on the Primary Health Care Provider (Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Bill) and Designated Prescriber Nurse terms Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill and whether they clarify or add confusion.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to or ring 04 494 637 217 by 30 September 2015

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Health Quality and Safety Commission - Capability Framework

The HQSC is seeking feedback on a draft discussion paper describing a framework that articulates specific expectations for quality and safety, for all health care workers at every level of the health system, including capabilities for consumers.

The framework is intended to be used as a guide by organisations to consider and reflect on their internal capability and capacity for quality improvement and patient safety and identify potential gaps. It will allow organisations to either develop internal education and training programmes to close these gaps or seek external programmes.

The draft framework can be accessed via the following link:

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 20 September 2015.

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Parliamentary Inquiry Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill

The purpose of this bill is to provide financial assistance to people who, for altruistic reasons, donate kidney or liver tissue for transplantation purposes, and who forgo income from, for example, employment during their convalescence. The Bill also provides for the payment of childcare assistance for those who require it during their convalescence.

NZNO members’ experience and expertise in this area would be useful, particularly the potential of this proposals, and with any factors need to be considered to ensure the best outcomes of donors.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 2nd October 2015.

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