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Ministry of Primary Industries Total Diet Survey

The Ministry of Primary Industries is undertaking a survey of the New Zealand diet and are seeking feedback on their plan. The draft plan includes discussion on the objectives of the study, the priority chemicals to be surveyed, key foods to be sampled, the simulated diet approach, and a proposed timeframe. As part of the process, MPI wants to know whether: the list of chemicals proposed for analysis is sufficient; changes should be made to the key foods list; there are any population groups which are missing; and if there is any new data on infants, children and adolescents to help inform the simulated diets.

The link to the draft document is available here: 2016 NZ Total Diet Study.

The consultation submission form can be found in Appendix One of the consultation document.

Submissions are due by 5pm, Monday 12 October 2015, and can be emailed directly to:

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Employment Standards Legislation Bill

Transport and Industrial Relations Committee

Employment Standards Legislation Bill

This is an omnibus bill amending 5 statutes relating to employment relations—employment standards:

  • the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Amendment Act 1987 (PPL),
  • the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2000,
  • the Holidays Act 2003,
  • the Minimum Wage Amendment Act 1983 and
  • the Wages Protection Amendment Bill 1983.

It is being progressed very rapidly on the back of changes to PPL announced in the budget which have to be made. NZNO does not support aggregating significant changes to employment legislation, which need time to be fully considered. Changes to PPL have been well signaled and consulted on, but other changes, such as those that effectively legitimize “zero hours” contracts have not. We urge members to consider the bill carefully and welcome your comments and feedback. Find links to the legislation, the bills digest (a summary) and parliamentary debates here.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to or ph 04 494 6372 by 10 October 2015

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PHARMAC discussion document on distribution and supply of vaccines in primary care

PHARMAC is reviewing the way in which it distributes and supplies vaccines to primary care. The changes are intended to improve access to vaccines.

The discussion document is available here:

Please consider the impacts of any proposed changes on your practice or access for your clients to vaccines.

Feedback due: Please send your comments to Marilyn Head by Monday October 26 at or phone 04 4946372 or 0800 283 848.

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NZNO Legislation and Regulation Policy Framework

NZNO is committed to the representation of members and the promotion of nursing and midwifery. NZNO provides professional leadership and advice in a range of areas including legislation and regulation.

In 2011, NZNO published 2020 and Beyond: A Vision for Nursing, establishing the parameters for future work in each of the areas of the vision. As a result, in 2012, 2013 and 2014, NZNO consulted on and published its education and models of care policy frameworks.

This next phase of the work involves developing two further policy frameworks: Legislation and Regulation; and Employment. You will find the draft policy framework on Legislation and Regulation below.

Our intention is to consult widely – we have completed consultation with NZNO member groups and are now seeking feedback from other nursing and health professional groups and the wider public.

We are seeking your feedback on the draft policy framework. In particular, we are interested in your feedback on the following points:


  • Are there any gaps or is there too much content?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the statements or the order in which they are presented?

Action points

  • Do you support these?
  • Do you have any recommendations for further or amended action points?

Please feel free to give feedback directly withinn the framework document itself using Track Changes, or to print out, write in pen, then scan and email or post if this is easier. All comments and feedback are warmly welcomed no matter how small or large.

Please forward your feedback on the policy by Thursday 8th October 2015 to or post to PO Box 1195, Nelson 7040

Enquiries to:
Jill Clendon
Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher
Ph 03 546 3941 or 0800 28 38 48

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Update to the Disability Action Plan

The Office for Disability Issues is running a public consultation on behalf of the Disabled People’s Organisations and government agencies involved with the Disability Action Plan. It is the first time they have consulted the community as part of a Plan update, which will now happen every year.

We have an opportunity to provide feedback on priorities and actions in the Disability Action Plan.

Unfortunately there is a very tight turn-around for this request with feedback due to the Office for Disability Issues on September 22nd.

NZNO has requested an extension to the due date but this was declined. We will be making a brief submission and encourage you to also do the same directly at:

Disability Action Plan 2014-2018

Please send comments to by 22 September, 2015.

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Health Practitioners (Statutory References to Medical Practitioners) Amendment Bill

This omnibus bill amends 7 statutes to increase the range of functions formerly restricted to medical practitioners that may be performed by health practitioners.

It will remove some longstanding barriers to NPs and RN practice, specifically with regard to death, work, injury certification, and prescribing. Implementation will be a further two years after enactment. A brief summary is available below, and the link to the legislation, bills digest and debates is here:

NZNO is particularly interested in your feedback on the Primary Health Care Provider (Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Bill) and Designated Prescriber Nurse terms Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill and whether they clarify or add confusion.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to or ring 04 494 637 217 by 30 September 2015

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Health Quality and Safety Commission - Capability Framework

The HQSC is seeking feedback on a draft discussion paper describing a framework that articulates specific expectations for quality and safety, for all health care workers at every level of the health system, including capabilities for consumers.

The framework is intended to be used as a guide by organisations to consider and reflect on their internal capability and capacity for quality improvement and patient safety and identify potential gaps. It will allow organisations to either develop internal education and training programmes to close these gaps or seek external programmes.

The draft framework can be accessed via the following link:

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 20 September 2015.

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Parliamentary Inquiry Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill

The purpose of this bill is to provide financial assistance to people who, for altruistic reasons, donate kidney or liver tissue for transplantation purposes, and who forgo income from, for example, employment during their convalescence. The Bill also provides for the payment of childcare assistance for those who require it during their convalescence.

NZNO members’ experience and expertise in this area would be useful, particularly the potential of this proposals, and with any factors need to be considered to ensure the best outcomes of donors.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 2nd October 2015.

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MOH - Strategy to prevent and minimise gambling harm 2016/17 to 2018

The Ministry of Health is consulting on its proposed strategy to prevent and minimise harm from gambling for the three-year period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2019. The Strategy needs to align with the updated Health Strategy and the Gambling Act 2003 requires that it has:

  • measures to promote public health,
  • services to treat and assist problem gamblers and their families/whānau,
  • independent scientific research and
  • evaluation.

The strategy takes a public health approach, has a population health  framework , and is underpinned by principles of health equity, good outcomes for Maori and Pacific peoples, workforce development, among others which are closely linked to 11 identified objectives. 

The consultation document and other documents informing the development of the strategy are available at:

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by Monday 10 September 2015

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MOJ - Family Violence Review

Family Violence Review

The Government is reviewing laws relating to family violence.

Among proposals in the consultation document Better family violence law: are:

  • giving better guidance in law about family violence and the expectations about how government will respond;
  • giving more visibility in law to the population groups affected by family violence;
  • creating an additional pathway for victims, perpetrators and whānau who seek help to stop violence escalating, without having to go to court;
  • improving protection orders, including how applications are funded; and
  • creating a new framework of family violence offences supporting improvements to the whole of government response to family violence.

NZNO members’ experience and expertise in this area would be useful, particularly the potential of these proposals to affect health and health equity, and what factors need to be considered  to ensure the best outcomes.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by September 4th 2015.

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Health Information Standards Organisation - HISO 10029 Health Information Security Framework

The standard has been re-developed by a Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) working group including representatives from District Health Boards, central government agencies, academia and system vendors. The changes are significant.   The revised standard sets out updated requirements on healthcare agencies operating in the New Zealand health and disability sector

The purpose of the standard is to ensure that health information is captured, stored, transmitted and processed in a secure fashion.  A copy of the draft document can be found online at

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 14 August 2015

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Nursing Council of New Zealand - Proposed schedule of medicines for registered nurses working in specialist ophthalmology teams

In 2014 the Nursing Council made an application to the Ministry of Health for designated prescribing rights for registered nurses practising in primary health and specialty teams. More information on the consultation and the full application document can be found here. This original application will enable suitably qualified and experienced registered nurses to prescribe for patients with some long term and common conditions within a collaborative team. 

Several submissions were received by Council to include medicines for nurses working in specialist ophthalmology (eye health) teams.  These medicines were not included in the original consultation.  The Council is now formally consulting on the specialist ophthalmology schedule of medicines in anticipation of a regulation for designated prescribing rights being passed in 2016.  This consultation is limited to the specialist ophthalmology schedule of medicines. 

NZNO will be making a submission on this proposal and we are seeking any feedback from members to inform this submission. Please note this consultation focuses solely on the medicines nurses working in ophthalmology teams will be able to prescribe.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 28 August 2015

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Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ACART)

Informed consent and assisted reproductive technology: proposed advice to the minister.

ACART is seeking feedback on advice intended to clarify informed consent requirements in relation to ARTs and ensure consistency through all processes. The document advises on

  • the point of initial consent;

  • ongoing involvement of gamete donor;

  • partner, family and whānau rights; and

  • regulation. 

Feedback due: Please send comments to by 2nd September 2015

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Asthma Foundation - National Respiratory Strategy

The National Respiratory Strategy is being developed as a first step toward improving respiratory health in New Zealand.  It is intended to present key issues affecting our respiratory health and to recommend priority actions to improve outcomes and equity. Your feedback is sought under the following headings:

How well does the document reflect the key issues affecting respiratory health in New Zealand? What if any improvements would you suggest and why?

How well does the document identify priority actions to improve the incidence, impact and equity of respiratory health in New Zealand?

What if any improvements would you suggest and why?

How useful is the document as a tool (eg to guide and inform planning, advocacy, resourcing, collaboration)?

Feedback on individual sections:

Section/page number:

Do you agree with the issues presented in this section and  with the broad priority actions recommended in this section?? If not, what is missing or needs to be different and why?

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 7 August 2015

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IRD - Student loans - Relief from repayment obligations

IRD is consulting on the Draft standard practice statement ED0176: Student loans - relief from repayment obligations
The draft statement sets out the Commissioner’s practice for providing relief under the Student Loan Scheme Act 2011.It covers the circumstances under which a student may apply for student loan repayment relief and the processes of applying for:

  • relief from late payment interest;
  • relief from a repayment obligation (whether the amount is not yet due or is an amount for the current tax year);
  • relief from a penalty; and/or
  • how to enter into an instalment arrangement for an amount that is unpaid or an amount not yet due.

You may comment on any aspect of the draft practice standards – whether they are clearly understood, fair – for example, are there other circumstances where relief from student debt should to be considered, how accessible the  information is etc.  

The document can be found on the IRD consultation page (Scroll down to Draft standard practice statement ED0176: Student loans - relief from repayment obligations)

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by 10 September 2015.

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