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NZNO Member Relief Fund online application

  • This fund is for the benefit of an NZNO member who has suffered unexpected financial hardship which is not covered by other support or welfare agencies.

    Up to $500 is available. If your membership has been current for:
    • Up to two years, the maxiumum payment possible is $250
    • More than two years, the maxiumum payment possible is $500.
    If your application is successful you will be asked to supply your bank account number.
    Applications close on 30 July and 30 November each year

    Application criteria

    • You must be a financial member of NZNO
    • Financial assistance must not be available to you from any other support or welfare agencies
    • You must be currently employed in the health sector.
    You will be advised of the outcome of your application within three weeks of the relevant application closing date.

    To complete this form you will need:

    1. Your NZNO membership number (you must be a current financial member)
    2. The name of your current workplace and your role there
    3. A brief explanation of what caused your unexpected financial hardship
    4. The reasons why you are not eligible for social support even though you are experiencing unexpected financial hardship
    5. Details of any other assistance your are seeking or anticipating
    1. Scanned copies of any documents, quotes, invoices or receipts relating to your unexpected financial hardship
    2. Scanned copy of a brief letter from your manager, counsellor, kaumatua or lecturer which supports your application.
    When you have gathered all these things together you are ready to complete the form below.

    You can save your application part way through

    When you do this, you'll send yourself an email which contains a link. Clicking the link in the email allows you to carry on from where you left off before.

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