Secondary employment

Am I required to notify my employer if I have another job?

Check the employer policy. Most employers ask that you declare secondary employment and some policies expressly forbid secondary employment when you are already employed full-time. If you are applying for a new position and intend to continue secondary employment you should declare this at the interview.

What if my employer declines my request to work another job?

If you work part time, the employer decision should be in line with their policy and your employment agreement.


Both employers should be aware of your availability if you have their agreement to engage in secondary employment.

What if I am unable to work at one job because of commitments to another?

 If you are unable to meet your work obligations with ‘Employer A’ due to secondary work arrangements with ‘Employer B’, this may place you at risk of breach of employment agreement with ‘Employer A’ and the possibility of disciplinary action against you by ‘Employer A’.

Working back-to-back shifts for different employers

If you work fulltime in one job for ‘Employer A’, there may be risks to your health and wellbeing and to patient safety if you work additional hours for ‘Employer B’. You have a professional responsibility to know and understand your limits of safe practice. If you are concerned about working back-to-back shifts you should discuss this with your manager or a professional nursing adviser.

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