Our Industrial Services Team

Roles within the Industrial Services Team

  • Organisers and Individual Case Organisers (ICOs)Organisers and ICO's work with members to resolve workplace issues using the organising model and give individual support where there are employment issues.
  • Industrial Advisors: Industrial Advisors coordinate sector groups, plans, campaigns and bargaining and provide specific industrial advice.
  • Educators: Educators work with delegates and members to provide formal delegate training and specialist skills.
  • Campaign and Media Advisor: The Campaign and Media Advisor is responsible for all NZNO media and wworks with NZNO staff to develop campaign plans.

To contact members of the industrial services team get in touch with NZNO's Member support centre on 0800 28 38 48. 

The industrial services team provides the following services to NZNO members:

  • NZNO staff work with members to negotiate collective agreements (CAs) with employers which prescribe the rates of pay and working conditions of employment in the workplace.
  • Once a CA has been agreed, we work with members and their employer to ensure that the pay rates and working conditions are observed.
  • NZNO protects the rights and interests of members against discrimination or unfair treatment. We represent members in disciplinary hearings and personal grievance cases against their employer, Health and Disability Commissioner investigations, Nursing Council and Coroners Court hearings.
  • NZNO represents members in resolving workplace problems. Examples are negotiations with employers over appropriate staffing levels and skill mix criteria, hours of work and roster problems, or advocating the right to participate in designing workplace changes.
  • NZNO represents its members through the processes of reviews of services and implementation of new job design or work organisation models.
  • NZNO represents and advocates on behalf of members in staff surplus and redundancy situations to maximise options for the individuals concerned and to ensure collective agreement redundancy entitlements are honoured.
  • NZNO monitors health and safety in the workplace and assists members individually and collectively to gain a safer and healthier working environment. Examples of health and safety issues in the health industry are stress, back injury, exposure to chemicals and needlestick injuries. NZNO ensures members get their ACC entitlements when injured and represents individuals in ACC appeal cases.

NZNO delivers its industrial services through organisers and workplace delegates, backed up by legal officers, educators and professional nurse advisors.