Conference Taonga

NZNO Award of Honour

The Award of Honour is one of NZNO's two most prestigious awards. It is awarded biennially, alternating with the Te Akenehi Hei Taonga.  The Award of Honour is presented to a single recipient who retains it for two years, before returning it for the next recipient.

The nominee must be an NZNO member who has:

  • Made a noteworthy contribution to NZNO, professionally and/or industrially, at a workplace, local, regional and/or national level
  • Promoted the work of NZNO in a significant way
  • Had a personal, positive impact on the nursing profession in New Zealand
  • Made a substantial and innovative contribution to health care in New Zealand
  • Participated in national and/or international activities, which increases the status and public recognition of the nursing profession in New Zealand.

NZNO Award of Honour

The award was designed by Paora Toi-Te-Rangiuaia and is a single, cloaked figure rising from a sea of paunamu, whch representss the turangawaewae of the cloaked figure. The figure is in a posture of embrace, gazing downwad, eflecting aspects of humility, compassion and nurture.

Te Akenehi Hei Memorial Award

Te Akenehi Hei memorial AwardThe Te Akenehi Hei Memorial Award was commissioned by Te Runanga o Aotearoa NZNO (Te Runanga) in 2001.  It is an NZNO award that is under the tiaki of Te Runanga. This taonga was fashioned by two artists from Waiheki Island, Paora Toi-Te-Rangiuaia (Ngati Porou) and James Webster (Te Waka o Tainui). It is crafted from three varieties of stone: Pounamu, takaka (white marble) and uriuri (dark basalt) and is mounted on pohutukawa.

This taonga was created in memory of Akenehi Hei who as the first Maori nurse to register under her Maori name. The taonga is not specific to nursing but may be awarded to anyone (including non NZNO members) who has made a significant contribution to Maori Health. It is held by the recipient for a period of two years.

(Next to be awarded in 2024.)

Young Nurse of the Year Award

This award recognises outstanding practice, contribution to nursing, and entrepreneurship in our young leaders of the future.

The trophy was chosen by members of the NZNO Nurses Station Project Group, who were involved in the inaugural 2014 nominations.

NZNO Young Nurse of the Year Trophy

The Maori koru design is inspired by the New Zealand fern frond unfurling as it grows. It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening.

Leadership taonga

The Tiki is worn by the Kaiwhakahaere of NZNO and the Presidential Memorial Insignia by the President of NZNO.

NZNO Kaiwhakahaere's Tiki and NZNO President's Insignia