Accident Compensation Corporation Bill

NZNO seeks your feedback on the above Bill which aims to amend the Accident Compensation Act 2001 (the Act). Please note provisions of the Bill including that:

  • workers injured while overseas are still covered as are their families;
  • super annuitants will no longer have to choose between weekly  ACC compensation and superannuation; and
  • the ACC appeals authority will be disestablished and appeals will be heard in the district court.

We strongly recommend you read the Bill’s Digest: which summaries amendments to the Act.

The Bill can be found here:

Send feedback to by 22 June 2018

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Climate Change and Transition to Carbon Neutral/Low Emissions economy

Members are invited to contribute to two consultations on:

  1. Proposed Technical updates to the Climate Change Response Act:
  2. The Productivity Commission's draft report on transitioning to a low-emissions economy:

Information/comment programmes, measurement, risks and actions to reduce emissions in the health sector would be welcome.

Send feedback to by 5 June 2018.

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Do nurses use these standards publications?

NZNO seeks your feedback on the following health information standards, which HISO sees as no longer fit for purpose, although we understand that nurses still use them. Are the indicated alternatives acceptable, and as useful, and are nurses aware of them?

1. SNZ PAS 8170: 2005 Primary Healthcare Practice Management Systems Relevant alternative standards include those related to interoperability, SNOMED and medications. Download this standard

2. SNZHB 8169:2002-Health Network Code of Practice This is effectively replaced by various other HISO standards, eg: HISO 10046 Consumer Health Identity Standard, HISO 10064:2017 Health Information Governance Guidelines, HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework. Download this standard

3. NZS 8153:2002 - Health records. This is effectively replaced by various other HISO standards, eg: HISO 10037 Connected Health (three sub standards) , HISO 10049 Videoconferencing Standard, HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework. Download the standard

Full information about the health information standards including Contained and Withdrawn standards is available on the MOH Health information standards page.

Send feedback to by 6 June 2018.

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Legislation for the New Zealand Police Vetting Service

Police Vetting is a requirement for nurse registration process for nurses and three yearly vetting is a requirement for all those who work with children. The Police Vetting Service provides criminal history checks and other relevant information to employers and Approved Agencies. The Government is considering establishing a statutory framework for the Police Vetting Service, as there currently is none. NZNO is seeking your feedback on their consultation document which discusses what this may look like, and whether legislation would be an advantage.

Please find the consultation document here:

Send feedback to by 6 July 2018.

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Draft revision to ambulance and paramedical services standard

NZNO seeks your feedback on the draft revised standard for ambulance and paramedical services, particularly  whether  on whether the standard is in line with current good practice from a nursing perspective,.

Please find a list of the key changes and a link to the draft standard here:

Send feedback to by 18 May 2018.

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Engagement on the New Zealand Pathology Observation Code Set (NZPOCS)

The New Zealand Pathology Observation Code Sets (NZPOCS) standard comprises code sets for ordering and reporting laboratory tests in the New Zealand health and disability sector. Please note the updated code sets and the opportunity to provide feedback and engagement on further development of the Code Sets.

Please see the link below:

Send feedback to by 8 June 2018.

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Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry

  • NZNO seeks your feedback on/input into the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry. The purpose of the inquiry is to identify ways to improve New Zealand’s current approach to mental health and addiction problems, and what needs to change in both the mental health sector and broader community.
  • The inquiry aims to identify a clear direction to address particular concerns that exist including:
  • inequity of access
  • poor community confidence in the mental health system and
  • the need for better outcomes, particularly for Māori and other groups with disproportionally poorer outcomes.  

This is a useful source/starting  point :

and includes the  terms of reference

Send feedback to by 29 May 2018.

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Health and Safety at Work Strategy

This draft strategy sets out 10 year plan for improving health and safety at work. It clarifies the need to address the causes of occupational disease and psychosocial risks like stress, fatigue and violence at work, and identifies four key areas for improving  health and safety at work systems, and two key goals – making the biggest impact and improving capability. 

NZNO seeks member feedback on current H & S processes - what works and what doesn’t, what gaps and opportunities are there with regard to H & S at work.. NZNO has consistently advocated the need to strengthen the inspectorate, improve Ministry leadership and responsiveness; introduce a national surveillance system, and increase OH capability in the health workforce.

Access the strategy and background document which gives more information here:

Send feedback to by 1 June 2018.

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Local Government (Community Well-being) Amendment Bill

NZNO seeks your feedback on this Bill which aims to reinstate the promotion of social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of communities to the statutory role of local government, and restore  territorial authorities’ ability to collect development contributions for community facilities, such as libraries, sports grounds and swimming pools resulting from developments. Please consider how these changes to local government could make a difference to health outcomes and to local planning for eg, population growth, an ageing society, rising rates of obesity, social inequalities and climate change.

Please find the bill here:

Send feedback to by 18 May 2018.

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Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licences) Amendment Bill

This bill enables local alcohol policy (LAPS) to be fully considered in any decision on the renewal of an existing licence. It gives the community more say over the density and location of alcohol outlets and allows conditions, for example, trading hours, particular licences and one-way door restrictions, to be imposed, but it will have limited effect because it doesn’t apply to new licenses and most LAPs are very weak. NZNO seeks your feedback on the impact of alcohol on health, health services and communities, examples of where LAPs have been effective, or where there have been barriers to advice of local communities and health practitioners, and recommendations for alcohol regulation. NZNO is a member of alcohol action and supports its recommendations.

Further information can be found from the Alcohol Healthwatch website

Please find the bill here:

Send feedback to by 21 April 2018

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Privacy Bill

NZNO seeks your feedback on this bill which reforms the Privacy Act 1993. The intent of the Bill is to promote people's confidence that their personal information is secure and will be treated properly, given changes to the way this is used with the rise of the Internet and the digital economy. The Bill implements recommendations made in the Law Commission's 2011 review of the Act including reforms that give the Privacy Commissioner a stronger role and help address privacy risks earlier. The key changes are:

  • mandatory reporting of privacy breaches to the Privacy Commissioner and to affected individuals;
  • the Commissioner will be able to issue compliance notices;
  • strengthening cross-border data flow protections;
  • new criminal offences: it will be an offence to mislead an agency in a way that affects someone else’s information and to knowingly destroy documents containing personal information where a request has been made for it;
  • Commissioner making binding decisions on access to information requests; and
  • strengthening the Privacy Commissioner’s information gathering power.

Please find the Bill here:

Send feedback to by 17 May 2018.

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Coroners Access to Body of Dead Person (Amendment) Bill

NZNO seeks your feedback on this Bill which amends the Coroners Act 2006 (the Act) to “require” coroners when determining whether a person should be allowed to remain with the tūpāpaku to also consider tikanga Māori and the expectations of other cultures. This Bill strengthens the issues raised during the Māori Affairs Select Committee inquiry into whānau access to and management of Tūpāpaku, which Te Rūnanga have submitted on.

Currently, the Act allows coroners to have the discretion to take cultural considerations into account, but they are not mandatorily required to.  

We welcome your feedback on the proposed amendment which enshrines the importance of recognising and supporting all cultural beliefs in Aotearoa New Zealand, to the extent possible.

Send feedback to by 18 May 2018.

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Abortion Law Reform

The Law Commission is reviewing the current abortion law to see how it could be made consistent with treating abortion as a health issue. NZNO is seeking feedback from members and nurses working in women’s health services on the current process and delivery of abortion services, and the impact on women’s health.

For an explanation of the current law and the process for receiving abortion services please see:

Please send feedback to by 11 May 2018

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Evaluation of the Nurse Practitioner Education Programme

The NZNO seeks your feedback on an independent Evaluation of a Nurse Practitioner Programme, as attached here:

In particular, we are seeking feedback on an aspects of the training, the nurse practitioner role and career development.

For more information please see the link:

Send feedback to by 20 April 2017.

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