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Travel Grant online application

  • This grant is available to Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives or Enrolled Nurses who wish to travel nationally or internationally for the purpose of benefiting nursing/midwifery/healthcare in New Zealand.

    Note: This grant is not for travel for the purposes of undergraduate or postgraduate study. Instead see the Undergraduate Study Scholarship or the  Postgraduate Study Grant.
    Up to $400 is offered.

    Applications close at 4:00pm on 30 June 2022

    Please note
    • Individual applicants will only be eligible for one NERF grant per calendar year (with the exception of the Emergency Grant)
    • Priority will be given to applicants who:
      • have not received a grant in the previous two years from any source
      • are not eligible for, or have been turned down for, Health Workforce New Zealand funding
      • and/or are not receiving any support from their employer.
    • Applications are judged based on the merit of the application and grants are awarded at the discretion of the assessment panel

    NERF Grants Assessment Committee

    Please note that the NERF Grants Assessment Committee requires you to answer all questions in full, to help them fairly distribute the monies available.

    Applications are reviewed by three members of the NERF Board of Trustees, two of whom are NZNO representatives, with the third being a Māori nurse nominated by Te Rūnanga. The NZNO Nursing Policy Adviser/Researcher also sits on the committee as a non-voting member. Where further methodological or content expertise is required, the Assessment Committee may appoint an appropriately experienced person to advise the Committee.

    You will be notified of the outfcome the week following the NERF Assessment Committee meetings. If you are successful, you will be asked to supply your bank account number. The decision of the Committee is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

    The next NERF Grant Assessment Committee meeting is on 21 August 2022.


    Please have the following information, documents, and written answers ready to upload.


    1. Your current NZNO membership number
    2. Your current NZNC registration number.

    Documents (up to 4MB each file)

    1. Evidence of enrollment in the course or conference you wish to attend
    2. Evidence of the purpose of, or requirement for, the travel you wish to do
    3. Scanned copies of travel related quotes, invoices and/or receipts
    4. Document(s) relating to outcomes you achieved from scholarships or grants within the last two years
    5. Document(s) relating to scholarships or grant applications submitted within the last two years
    6. Document(s) relating to other assistance or income you are receiving at present.

    Written answers

    1. A description of how your practise contributes to improving Māori health access and outcomes (up to 300 words)
    2. An outline of how this travel will benefit nursing/midwifery/healthcare in New Zealand or the client group you care for (up to 300 words)
    3. An outline of your long-term career goals and how the travel will help you achieve these (up to 300 words).
    When you have gathered all these things together you are ready to complete the form below.

    Saving a partial application
    When saving a partial application, you will need to send an email to yourself which contains a link to allow you to continue with your application at a later date.

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