As a health worker, you are entitled to workplace rights.  A fair and supportive working environment has benefits for employers and employees and it's in everyones interests to be aware of the key points:


You should always be treated with respect.  This includes respect for your culture, values and beliefs.

Fair treatment

Your employment agreement and workplace policies must protect you from all forms of discrimination.

Dignity & good faith

Your working relationships must be conducted with dignity and in good faith.

Health & safety

You are entitled, by law, to a safe and healthy workplace.


You have the right to have your say and be listened to about issues that affect you in the workplace.


You are entitled to the information you need to do your job.

Professional development

You have the right to a workplace that provides you with the necessary skills to do your job.


You have the right to support and representation when you choose.

Workplace democracy

You and your workmates have the right to work together to protect and improve your conditions of employment.

Join the union

You have the right to join a union.

To seek advice on your workplace rights please refer to the NZNO Member Support flowchart