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Our Professional Services Team

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) Professional Services Team assists members to:

  • meet their professional aspirations
  • advance NZNO's professional agenda
  • respond to individual and group professional concerns

Professionally Yours - NZNO's Professional newsletter

NZNO Professional newsletter showcasing the professional news and activities of NZNO members and staff.

Professionally Yours November 2013 cover

Professionally Yours, Issue 20, December 2013 (PDF, 5 pages, 272KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 19, November 2013 (PDF, 5 pages, 272KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 17, June 2013 (PDF, 8 pages, 595KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 16, April 2013 (PDF, 9 Pages, 1.2MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 15, March  2013 (PDF, 7 Pages, 2.4MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 14, February 2013 (PDF, 7 pages, 530KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 13, December 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 786KB) 

Professionally Yours, Issue 12, October 2012  (PDF, 6 pages 491KB)

Professionaly Yours, Issue 11, September 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 681KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 10, August 2012 (PDF, 12 pages, 2.03MB) 

Professionally Yours, Issue 9, July 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 620KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 8, June 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 890KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 7, May 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 2.49MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 6, April 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 1.15MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 5, March 2012 (PDF, 8 pages, 780K)

Professionally Yours, Issue 4, February 2012 (PDF, 9 pages, 2.15MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 3, December 2011 (PDF, 6 pages, 1.14MB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 2, November 2011 (PDF, 4 pages 186KB)

Professionally Yours, Issue 1, October 2011 (PDF, 5 pages, 790KB)

Roles within the Professional Services Team

  • Professional Services Manager and Associate Professional Services Manager
  • Professional Nursing Advisers: the work of NZNO’s professional nursing advisers includes regional and college and section issues, and national portfolios and policy.
  • Lawyers: specialising in industrial law and medico-legal law. They become directly involved with members where there is a formal legal investigation.
  • Competency Adviser: working with individual nurses undergoing competence and health committee reviews with the Nursing Council of New Zealand.
  • Editors: overseeing the production of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, NZNO's monthly journal and Kai Tiaki Nursing Research, NZNO's annual peer reviewed research journal.
  • Policy analysts, including the senior policy analyst and policy analyst - Māori, who coordinate submissions, and collect and analyse information to assist in the planning, and development of NZNO policy. 
  • Librarian/Records staff: the librarian provides a specialist library service and a newsletter for nurses wishing to subscribe by email, maintains NZNO's records.
  • Researchers: conduct NZNO research and collaborate with external researchers on nursing research.
  • Communications and media adviser: liaises with media and ensures key messages and communication strategy is achieved.

Members of the Professional Services Team

Back row: Anne Brinkman (Professional Nursing Adviser), Cathy Gilmore (Professional Nursing Adviser), Julia Anderson (Professional Nursing Adviser), Suzanne Rolls (Professional Nursing Adviser), Kate Weston (Professional Nursing Adviser), Susanne Trim (previous Professional Services Manager).
Front row: Angela Clark (Professional Nursing Adviser), Pauline Cook (Competency Adviser), Lorraine Ritchie (Professional Nursing Adviser), Margaret Cain (Professional Nursing Adviser), Hilary Graham-Smith (Associate Professional Services Manager).

The Professional Services Manager is Jane MacGeorge. Professional services staff work with the organising and business services staff to fulfil NZNO's mission of representing members and contributing to health and social policy development.

To contact members of the professional team get in touch with the member support centre on 0800 28 38 48. They will triage your call and refer you to the appropriate staff member.

The professional services team provides the following support services to NZNO members:

Membership Structures

  • Nursing Midwifery Advisory Committee (NMAC)
  • Special interest nursing sections and colleges
  • Credentialling of Nurses through accreditation and PDRP processes

Support for nursing and health staff

  • Professional Nursing Advisers - professional support and advice
  • Professional forums and education seminars
  • Competency review assistance
  • Professional indemnity insurance and legal advocacy
  • Policy analysis and Submissions
  • Research and development


  • Library resources and information
  • Publications
  • Professional Development and Recognition Programmes (PDRP)
  • Policies, position statements and guidelines