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AUT Aged Care Workforce Survey 2016


Media release                                                                                17 May 2017


NZNO call for an update of Aged Care Standards


Two recent NZNO member surveys back up the AUT findings in their Aged Care Workforce Survey 2016 that time to care is being rationed due to underfunding. Members are reporting that this is causing them distress and increasing job stress.


Aged care Industrial Adviser David Wait says the AUT Survey findings should be ringing alarm bells for the Government.


“Nearly half of the aged care nurses surveyed indicated they will be looking for a new job in the next twelve months with stress and burnout being the most common reason. We need to keep talented and passionate nurses in aged care,” David Wait said.


“Over 60 percent of nurses responded saying they don’t have enough time with each person. This causes distress among nurses who know the care that needs to be provided but are ultimately powerless to action.


“Registered and enrolled nurses in aged care are critical for the delivery of quality care for New Zealanders. These nurses help ensure a decent life for our elderly in their twilight years. If these nurses are no longer attracted to the aged care workforce, all New Zealand families will be disappointed.


“Current guidelines for staffing levels in aged care are not mandatory and are twelve years old. The level of care needed by residents has increased over time, yet the standards have not changed. NZNO are calling on the Government to review these outdated Standards and take the additional step of setting a mandatory staffing levels,” David Wait said.





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