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100 days in many ways great for kiwi kids


Media Release                                                          14 December 2017

100 days in many ways great for kiwi kids

NZNO welcomes the government’s Families Package increases and also the Winter Energy Payment. Nurses have seen an increase in recent years in illness of children due to poverty and damp poor living conditions.


Chief Executive, Memo Musa commends the government on the rapid pace of their 100 day actions:


“These measures were and are urgent. The more targeted Families’ Package combined with lower fees to GPs and the promise of better health funding is very welcomed by our members who see the negative effect of poverty on children and teens in particular,” he said.


“The government’s progressive approach to joining up health and social initiatives with the whānau at the centre, means nurses working in the community can help sooner as it is more affordable for families to see them. 


“Increasing money directly to families may well be the difference to having to access a health professional for some illnesses because affording healthier food or extra medicines and adequate, quality clothing can help to prevent illness.


“Kiwi kids suffering from preventable illnesses are often linked directly to living in poverty. Increasing minimum wage, reduced health check fees, increase in parental leave and the Family Package are all key steps to reducing illness that nurses are saddened to see on a daily basis,” Memo Musa said.







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