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Transpacific agreement not right



Media Release                                                                   7 March 2018

President to speak at Wellington TPPA Rally

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation objects to the New Zealand government’s intention to sign the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement tomorrow. NZNO asserts that although some improvements have been made, the CPTPP is not ready to be signed.

As part of the week of action, NZNO President Grant Brookes will address the Wellington rally against the signing on parliament grounds tomorrow and will urge the rally to sign the petition ‘don’t do it’.

“Trade Minister David Parker rates the deal as seven out of ten for New Zealand. Nurses would not agree that tinkering around the edges meant that was a good job done, no more than the government should think they have finished making a deal that is good for all New Zealanders,” he said.

“Nurses promote optimal health status for all peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand. Despite improvements, the intellectual property provisions which are likely to delay access to affordable new medicines are still present in the text.

“In reality there is no way of knowing how well the CPTPP scores.

“Until there is an independent health impact assessment of the deal, which Labour campaigned for while in opposition, then nurses say, ‘Don’t sign!’.”

Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku says:

“We are not satisfied that the Treaty of Waitangi aspect of this agreement is robust enough to protect indigenous rights as was found by the Waitangi Tribunal.”

“The Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions which privilege multinational corporate interests above our sovereign and indigenous interests have been suspended but not removed and this is too risky for us,” she said.


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