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First rally Tuesday 10 April



Media Release                                                                   9 April 2018


Large turnout expected for Middlemore rally

The first NZNO Rally for Health is at Middlemore Hospital tomorrow morning at 6.30am. Nurses are reporting that NZNO members from each ward are attending either the morning or afternoon at 2pm and anticipation is building as they are organising to get there.

NZNO Counties-Manukau DHB delegate nurse Caitlin Francey says this is our opportunity to:

“Walk the talk without compromising the care of the public we look after,” she says.

“This rally is a signal to government that we feel undervalued and feel so strongly about this that we are willing to strike if there are no improvements in pay and our working conditions.

 “There are very strong feelings about this. We feel let down by the underinvestment in nursing and the collective agreement offer.

“Change is afoot, there is definitely a mood to speak up now, we feel the MECA offer was unacceptable and adds salt to the wound when we are working under pressure in an underfunded health system,” Caitlin Francey said.

Delegate Caroline Donaldson, says that the current MECA negotiations impasse is generating an opportunity for nurses to speak out about the fact they are feeling undervalued:

“The rejected MECA offer is not enough to cover living cost increases and nurses are being attracted overseas.

“The minimum wage is increasing again and graduate nurses after 3 years of study are unfairly to be on wages nearly the same.

“Nurses are feeling overworked, undervalued and underpaid and I also believe the government needs to spend more on the health care for the people of New Zealand.”

NZNO campaign activities are planned throughout New Zealand to show the government that New Zealanders need it to prioritise rebuilding a quality public health system by investing in nursing, the largest health workforce.


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