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Panel agreed to by NZNO

Media release                                                12 April 2018


NZNO will proceed with panel to settle the DHB MECA

NZNO has decided to proceed with DHB MECA engagement via the Independent Panel process as proposed by Prime Minister. Once the panel has been confirmed and announced, it will advise of the date of its first meeting and timetable for completing the work.

Industrial Services Manager Cee Payne explains that the panel will seek to address the impasse in the DHB Nurses and Midwives MECA bargaining. The panel will comprise of three independent members: An independent chair appointed by the Government, one member proposed by the DHB employers and one member proposed by NZNO.

“Both NZNO and the DHB employers have to find all three panel members acceptable,” Cee Payne said.

The process involves:

  • Both NZNO and the DHB Employers (the Parties) making individual submissions to the Panel. The submissions will be written and oral - to support the respective claims, offers and settlements put forward in the bargaining process and other issues raised.
  • The panel will then deliberate and come back to the Parties with draft recommendations.
  • The parties can then submit further submissions to the Panel.
  • The final recommendations from the panel will be provided to the parties.
  • The DHB employer reps are then required to make an updated offer to NZNO.

“The NZNO bargaining team is able to make a recommendation to its members in relation to a new offer. The new offer will be presented to our members to vote on.

“NZNO has used an evidence based process to identify the pay claim and will continue to approach pay issues from this basis, and identify other useful comparators,” she said.


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